April 15th  

Muse35 49F
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4/15/2006 7:38 am
April 15th

There are times where the strangest thoughts occur to me.....times where its very quiet around me and then my mind begins to wander over things and mull them through.....
Such as i'll be riding along as a passenger in a car i'll close my eyes and let my thoughts wander, sometimes they are of a sexual nature (those are the most fun sometimes they are of a mundane nature (those are the most boring) and occasionally i will have a conversation going on in my head usually trying to work things through (if i'm looking for a solution) Sometimes i wonder why people do what they do.....or try and put myself in their shoes to see what it was that they did and why....but for the most part i usually stay to my own side of the conversation...its easier that way.
If a person wears blinders all their life, do they ever see what's coming at them?
Be kind, Be good, Be real........pass it forward....

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