Thought on the passing parade pt 1  

Mun_Dane 49M
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10/25/2005 7:32 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Thought on the passing parade pt 1

Actually, it is kind of funny. I wonder if there is anything more empty than a heterosexual guys blog on here. I mean, there are gonna be guys looking at every female blog in the hope that we get a chance to see hooters or, even better, The Gates of Heaven. But, as has been pointed out to me many times, the appearance of a penis is not exciting to womenfolk. And I am not sure that the women that would be interested in seeing the dangly bits would be interested in MY dangly bits. So, I am not gonna put it there.

But that brings up another mystery to me: The Friend. In some ways this seems to be just as nerve wracking as the first date. I mean, you are going on a limb to ask a female to let you see her. Well, wait that isn’t quite right, as there are a tons of pictures of the woman in the altogether posted. What you are asking for is a chance to make a deeper connection. In my case a chance to impress her with my wit and ability to stick to something.

Gosh, at least that is what I am hoping I am doing.

Anyway, I am fighting a cold now. Head is pounding, sneezing and coughing like I smoke, makes me wonder why in Hell I came into work today. I have gotten nothing really done, as I sit at the desk and moan occasionally, trying to swallow past that burning coal my throat seems to have developed. Cool…Nyquil tonight. The nighttime, sniffling, sneezing, achy, stuffy head, better take it near the bed or you will pass out in the kitchen medicine.

The thing is, I have to be careful with that stuff, or I sleep past my alarm and my son doesn’t get to school on time. Much less, me get to work on time.

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