It's Me Bidet !!!!!!!  

Muffinman_neal 53M
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9/29/2005 8:47 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

It's Me Bidet !!!!!!!

Ok OK its not a big thing really its only 41 years spent trying to get back to the place I came from, or atleast similar.

Yes Marie the can opener is doing fine.

I say we add 4 hours to each day so those who never have enough time can actually get some time to play. Okay have some great sex.

If its broke buy a new one, trouble is its all breaking at the same time. I think it is from a rather large amount of pentup energy that just isn't getting released (SRH).

Current kitchen stuff casualty list:
4 Wooden spoons
1 can opener (new one still works)
1 5 quart pot handle, spaghetti is hot when freshly cooked.
2 spatualas
1 potatoe masher
1 wooden toilet paper dohicky
1 handle on a small coffee mug
1 metal coffee filter (new one works great, tastes weird though)
1 towel Dont know how but it broke
Unknown number of holes in socks

So yes it has been an expensive month trying to keep up to the ever growing list of casualties at my place. BTW the potatoe masher broke on hte handle from the 5 quart pot because I didnt see where the bloody thing flew too.

The coffee mug handle was partly chipped so not a great loss but I was sad to see the nice sized sipping mug (2 mug size) become a cutlery holder. The coffee filter had a 5 quart pot dropped on it while a 6'2" man jumped around cursing a blue streak to make a sailor blush. The spaghetti was on the floor, sink, counter and me, I think a strand made it to a waiting plate. One of the wooden spoons were invovled in the pot incident, NOTE: atleast wear slippers in the kitchen cuz wooden spoons are hard on the feet when they break under the wait of a cussing jumping scalled man. Oh and wipe the feet before entering the bathroom to get the troubles looked after cuz the wooden dohicky that holds the Toilet paper in its place wont hold you up when you slip.

I didnt get to eat my spaghetti, it was on the floor. I didnt get to make my sheperds pie for the next night, it had a handle in it. I had to limp to the local rip off store to buy some coffee filters, $6 for about 20 pieces of tissue paper. Spent a feww days with the TP on the handle of the plunger until I found a new woden dohicky for the TP (toilet paper, moon floss). Bought some new wooden spoons, ok 2 sets, and some spatula's.

So Friday, and possible tuesday comming, I will not be replacing, fixing or worryig about it if it breaks. I will be at a bar having a drink and seeing IF I can find something to do with the pent up energy from many months, ok many, many, many months of abstinance.

UtterlyLuscious 31F

9/29/2005 2:39 pm

Yay! I am the first view (and comment). Happy new space. New kitchens are the best.

Muffinman_neal 53M
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10/5/2005 2:09 pm

Lets just say if it wasnt for bad luck I would have no luck at all.

You could also call it poor stress management in the recent past.

Or yet a severe lack of sex.

all of the above fit the bill.

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