MsSexyBtch 37F
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7/24/2006 10:41 pm

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8/17/2006 7:54 am


On the soft winds of time comes Desire,
With outstretched arms she beckons you to come hither. Dare to explore her mystery and taste the essence of her being. True to her name by which you know her, Heart pounding ... approach with caution!
Full ... moist lips glisten in the moonlight,

Hair flowing over soft ... white shoulders.

You ache to concur Desire from within and without, Quench the thirst, but whose?

Your's or Desire's?

rm_bladebl 61M
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7/25/2006 11:39 pm

Ah yes!!the lady Desire,she is a well traveled lady,she is as old as Time itself and wiser than Fate,for she knows what each one of us wants,Her gaze is deadly and her speech will mesmerize you,she is as subtle as she is deadly.The sway in your hips,the rising and falling of your breasts,the poutty way you fick your lips are indicators that she is in the vicinity,she has a wanted poster with every man's name on it,and it is her job to arrest you at a moments notice,she has no enemies,the world's greatest illusionist.the greatest artist,a very great speaker...for she will always say what you want to hear....her sister was Pandora...the girl with the box......better that the box would have never been opened......BLADE

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