second part of fun  

MsHottie30 34F
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8/11/2006 3:34 pm

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10/11/2006 9:54 pm

second part of fun

Our scents fill the air. our skins touching each bare. I'm not tired yet are you. then lets do what we want to do. I stand up and come closer. I put my hands on the dresser. I bend over and stick my ass out. felling my ass against you. running your hands up my waist. playing with my titties. kissing all on my neck, sucking on my ear. your sexual thoughts is all I hear. you reach around with your hand and insert a finger. for a second you let it linger. pulling it out, putting it in. rubbing my clit again and again. you feel me tighten up. you can see I like it by the motion of my butt. lets change the pace. you want my pussy in your face. letting your tongue do all the work. you lift up my leg. to get a better look. my wetness proves your worthiness. now its time to get in this. standing up, you put your hand on my navel. making sure I'm stable. we find a rhythm. you see my titties and you embrace them. then you let them go. look in the mirror I like what it shows. I reach back and grab you, I'm secure. so I hold you firmly. our motion increases. I say don't cease this. hearing my moans turn into yells. needing more support, I grab a rail. your riding deep within. touching every end. suddenly you hold me near, moaning in my ear. once again I took you to your peak. baby I'm your sexual freak.

ZZ_Todd 61M

8/11/2006 4:29 pm

Great story... both parts... WOW! Kinda felt like I was the leading man in this one! Yep! I like this better than some of my "Steamy Stories!"

TreaTS84 33M
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8/18/2006 2:05 pm

wow, that's one of the most erotic stories i've heard. if you're interested in making your fantasies come true, i'll be more than willing to share it with you. we happen to be locals, maybe we can make fantasies come true..hehe i'll be looking forward to more of your sexual stories

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