MsBehavingal Fantasy Part II  

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1/19/2006 11:03 am

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MsBehavingal Fantasy Part II

After the first mind blowing orgasm, I get off and leave you on the bed momentarily and leave the room, letting you think of the love making that has just happened. After awhile I come back and unhandcuff you, leaving the blindfold still on I lead you to another room. Standing in the doorway I step forward and a passionate kiss insues while I untie your blindfold, when I step back you are greeted with candle lights, incense, another glass of champagne, and a bubble bath. We both get in the tub and sit down facing each other I on one side you on the other. I hand you your champagne glass and make a toast, we chat and laugh, I playfully run my foot up and down your leg. Finishing up the glass of champagne, I grab the loufa raising it above my head I start wringing it out and moving it down my body to my face, my breasts and back into the water, I do this a couple of times smiling at you and moving forward I hand the loufa to you and turn around. You start rubbing my back with it, I lean back you kiss my neck and proceed to run the loufa on the front of my body. Around my breasts down my stomach, you pause, You proceed to start as far as your reach can go on one of my legs. up to my waist and switch hands to do the other. Back up to my breasts you run the loufa again down to my stomach, I turn my head and yet another passionate kiss insues while you make your way to my pussy, rubbing it for a few moments, loufa in hand you let it go replacing it with your fingers. Using your fingers you rub up and down on the opening to my pussy, up to my clit to play for awhile back down to my slit, back up to my clit down to my pussy but this time you slide a finger in exploring the depths of me for a moment. You continue your hand play working me to another mind blowing orgasm. When my pleasure subsides I turn to you grabbing the loufa I start moving it over your shoulders down to your chest stopping at your stomach I proceed to run it up one leg to your waist and than do the same to the other leg. Back up to your shoulders down to your chest moving towards your cock I rub it up one side than down the other. Leaning forward for another passionate kiss I let go of the loufa and replace it with my hand exploring your hardness with my fingers up to the tip down to your balls taking one into my hand squeeze it gently go to the other side take it in my hand squeeze it gentle than back up to your head. I do that for awhile before I wrap my hand around your cock and start pumping up and down until you explode with another orgasm. With that play all done we get out of the tub and pat each other down with towels to dry us off.

There is a part III to this fantasy BUT there is a catch to part III. You grab the blindfold place it around my eyes, lead me back to the bedroom you handcuff me to my bed. HERE'S THE CATCH. YOU TELL ME WHAT HAPPENS NEXT !!!

L00kin4Passion 57M
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1/20/2006 11:39 pm

What and spoil the surprise? Not a chance hun!

taylorhunting 59M
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1/22/2006 9:14 am

At that point - whatever you want to happen, I would be putty in your hands..

ready2rock4u2twn 42M

1/29/2006 11:19 am

talk 2 me ms behavinggal

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1/29/2006 4:15 pm

I lead you into yet another room and onto a warm smooth conforter of soft fur.I taste you lips once more as I beckon you lay down.A few seconds go by and you feel the cool sticky honey on you navel leading up to your succulent breast with delight,you begin to feel my lips with sweet tasty caramel .........

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