Craving !!!  

MsBehavinGal 51
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7/6/2006 4:19 pm

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8/2/2006 12:51 am

Craving !!!

Have you ever had a day when you felt a craving for sex? I have many a times and today is definately one of them. The longing to feel either a tongue, finger or cock making my clit swollen and my pussy juice flowing. Of course the craving always goes both ways when you just got to have your mouth wrapped around a hard throbbing cock sliding it down the back of your throat GOD just cant beat that feeling.

So let me ask you am I in the wrong place here? Do people actually hook up on this site? I have been talking with some people but really havent made a "meeting"

Are the men just as picky as the females? Seems like everyone is looking for that KNOCK-OUT small & petite. The World's Largest SEX & SWINGER PERSONALS Community and I havent got ANY sex or swinging going on.
Maybe if I stuffed my finger down my throat after each meal causing me to vomit and lose weight I might just MIGHT get noticed.

So instead of just sitting there reading my blog PLEASE SOMEONE COMMENT it is so silent around here you can REALLY hear a pin drop.

Thanks for stopping in!!! happyf;

rm_rob3821sexy 62M

7/6/2006 7:07 pm

Stop! Don't put your finger down you throat, I have something better for you! Something longer then your finger and much fatter. This tool fits almost all (one size for all) and leaves something behind to be enjoyed.

I'll give you more info later on what we can do to help you when you have a craving for some SEX! Your swollen clit and wet pussy should not be neglected any more. Face lotion!

Fuck me!

rm_rob3821sexy 62M

7/6/2006 7:10 pm

>>! ...\8 happym;

jeffg102003 43M

7/7/2006 3:19 pm

Msbehavn well then please give me a contact and lets arrange something!!

sexmebaby365247 36F
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7/15/2006 12:02 pm

U know some are crazy about slim and petite, but hey do men really know what they want. Based on what I've heard men say about Halle Berry, how she is pretty and in great shape. Her man still cheated on her. SO men sometimes are just following what society says, which is slim and petite.

rm_likehotsex22 74M
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7/30/2006 11:06 pm

[/Hi Misbehavengal. I have given you several chances to be with me but no you have failed to make a date so you can get what you want . B] When you get a offer you never make a date so there for you never get a cock in your pussy or your ass and you never get to perform on cam eithercause that has been made to you and you still didn't get ahold of me ! You are what is causeing the problem of us guys not getting any pussy when we would like !

MsBehavinGal replies on 8/1/2006 9:38 pm:
Well, the only thing I can say to that is .... I don't want to toot my own horn, but HONK HONK!! I finally got what I wanted!!! AND it was AWESOME!!! I am the type that doesnt really sleep around ... I just wanted to find the perfect one to have a "friends with benefits." I think I found him. I'm sorry.

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