Another MisBehavin Fantasy  

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1/9/2006 1:42 pm

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4/10/2006 1:32 am

Another MisBehavin Fantasy

I invite you over to my place for dinner, upon your arrival you find the lights down low and me in a tight little number, a short skirt and low cut blouse, hair up. I take you into the dining room where you are greeted with a candle light dinner and champagne. After small talk over eating and me running my feet up and down your leg under the table we adjourn to the den where there is a fire in the fireplace. Sitting down on the love seat with you in the chair infront of me, we chat and drink from our glasses, occassionally I will cross my legs one way and than the other all the while you are catching a glimpse of heaven covered by my panties. Finishing up the glass of champagne I lean forward where you get a glimpse of my ample breasts and I stand up to go get the bottle of champagne and pour us some more drinks. Idle chit chat follows as I continue to tease you with leaning forward to show my breasts or crossing and uncrossing my legs to almost seeing heaven. You rise and come sit next to me on the love seat and we embrace in a passionate kiss. Tongues dancing around I capture yours and suck on it softly and end with a little nibble on your lower lip. By than the fire is going out and instead of feeding more logs I reach for the scarf I had put in the drawer and blindfold you. Leading you out of the den and into my room I sit you down on my bed and we passionately kiss your hands running up and down my legs I start leaning you backward and pushing you back to get us on the bed. AND much to your surprise out comes my handcuffs. With the blindfold on and you handcuffed to my bed, I proceed to unbotton your pants while kissing around your belly button and pulling down your pants I start kissing lower. As your manhood gets exposed I gently start swirling my tounge around the tip of your head, taking just your head in my mouth I suck softly stop blow on it, swirl my tounge, and take the head and suck again. I do this for awhile hearing your moans of pleasure I cease but only for a moment for you see I have now put a ice cube in my mouth and take your member all the way in my mouth. Sucking on your manhood while the ice cube is melting you cum and I swallow every bit, but that doesnt stop me I continue to suck getting you hard again so that this time I can manuever myself on top of you and guide your hardness into me. Rocking back and forth and around in circles while your all the way in me I hear your gasps and moans that turns me on that I lean forward putting one of my breasts in your mouth and continue moving up and down on your cock. To end this hot love making I turn around to get a different angle on when you are inside of me and continuing to rock back and forth and in circles and up and down until I rock with a screaming orgasm covering your manhood with my juices.

With that in your mind, you have to come back for part two of this fantasy, this is just the beginning.

djordan2 40M

1/9/2006 6:19 pm

oh wow now I'm really turned on. loved that one

rm_blah40x 53M

1/10/2006 5:30 am

Once again Ms, you've got me hard and wanting more. I can only imagine the pleasure you could give (and recieve!!) in person. Perhaps some day...

rm_bushice 73M
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1/10/2006 3:48 pm

Ms Behavin, A very hot Fantasy, and so much safer than in ure profile! Had to have a bit of a giggle about the Sex in Moving Vehicle!! That can be just a bit Scarey!!

taylorhunting 59M
67 posts
1/20/2006 10:19 am

Very Hot, thanks for sharing you sexxy thoughts

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