What I get for jumping to conclusions  

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3/22/2006 11:47 am

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What I get for jumping to conclusions

People as they get older seem to fit into to molds, those who can change for both the better and worse and those who don't seem to learn form their mistakes. I'd like to think that as I've gotten older,( and hopefully wiser) that I've had the aprropriate changes to make my self a better person. Unfortunatly, I've been shown that I still make the same mistakes that I made in my youth.
My wife and I met a lady whom Wifey had been conversing both in the Room with for the last while. The moment I saw her, I was extremely attracted. She fit in so many ways what I've always desired. As the 3 of us talked it was obvious she was nervious and with some good natured bugging from Wifey she warmed up, but in my mind, she only warmed to Wifey.
You see I was making an Assumption of this lovely lady due to my own low opinion of myself and previous experiences. I grew up the "Best Friend/Big Brother" to most of the girls I met. Being a natural "Nice Guy", I found that I was always passed over by the women I was most attracted to.
As our time with this lovely lady continued, I became convinced that I was once again to be on the outside looking in. At the end of the evening, Wifey commented on how I seemed disapointed with how things went and I replied, "Once again I meet a women that I'm attracted to, that has no attraction to me.". You see I feel right in to my old way for seeing things and for a little while it depressed me greatly.
But just when you think that you know whats going on, Life throws a pie in your face. I started chatting with the Lady in Question in the Hope that I coould with my humour and wit start an attraction. We talked a few times and then the other night when I was in a blue mood, she showed concideration for me by talking to me about what was bothering me. That opened up my telling her of my attraction for her and to my amazement, her telling me of her equal attraction.
I must admit, I was totally suprised by her announcement and for the rest of our very pleasent conversation, I was in a state of baffelment. I finally asked her why she was attracted to me, thinking maybe my wit and humour had done it. She admitted that she liked both, but what had really done it for her was how nice and concederate I am to her, the fact that I showed respect for her feelings and opinions.
There are 2 Lessons that I hope I learned from this. 1- Nice Guyes don't always Finish Last and 2- You don't always Know or understand as much as you think you do

I have 2 thank yous for this experience.

First to my Wifey - You were right my Darling, I am worth being attracted to.

Second to the Lovely Lady - Thanks for proving my doubts and ill concieved notions about myself wrong.

To everyone out there, remember this bit of advice. Love and Laugh like there is no tomorrow.

Mr Sens

catalisa 52F

3/22/2006 4:37 pm

That is a very interesting observation of yourself and things going on between people.

sensually_4ever 43M/F

3/27/2006 7:44 am


Mr.. you write a damn good blog my love...

I have believed in you for a long time, as you have believed in me.. to gether is the only ways to make this lifestyle work.

I am not jealous of your body really... but it is your love that would drive me insane...

But you already know.. and watch for that.. and you help me watch for it too...

I love you


sensually_4ever 43M/F

3/27/2006 7:46 am

btw,,, tag you are it.. I know you are gonna roll your eyes at me..lol

Post six secret things.. and then tag 6 more people...LOL


shasta1973 44F

4/4/2006 2:36 am

how could we not all adore you mr sens you are a wondeful friend...everything someone could hope for in one in fact....love ya long time sailor boy

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