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3/18/2006 9:08 pm

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3/18/2006 9:08 pm

stood up?

Well, I had an interesting evening. First, our babysitter didn't show. So we didn't go out like we planned. Fortunately, we didn't have plans to meet anyone. Unfortunately, we didn't get to go out.

So, we chatted in the Ohio room (mrs. under the pkgdeal2 profile). There are some good, fun people in there, btw.

I got to chatting with one woman who I knew I would not play with (see my earlier posts and/or profile about my "consent" requirements). We agreed to meet at a local bar to just chat.

When I got there, I saw only one single woman at the bar (there were very few people there. it's a small-town bar). I ordered my Guinness and went to sit down, thinking that if she was the person I'd agreed to meet, she'd come over (having heard my order for a Guinness, which I'd mentioned frequently in the chat room). But, she left. So, either she didn't care to chat with me, or she wasn't my "meet" and I got stood up.

Either way, I got my belated St. Patrick's day Guinness. And some really good onion rings. I even had some extra that the mrs. enjoyed when I came home.

C'est la vie! (the extent of my French)

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