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9/8/2006 7:13 am

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a little etiquette

Is it just me? Or is it less than courteous to ignore emails that have been sent to you?

I realize that some profiles state "not interested in such-and-such a person" (single male/ single female, etc.), and when such a person sends an email that it deserves to be ignored.

My single male profile (as opposed to the couple profile i share with my wife) indicates that I'm interested in women. It doesn't explicitly say I'm not interested in other men, but there are no indications that I am.

(Looking For: Women or Couples (2 women) for Erotic Chat or Email, 1-on-1 sex or Group sex (3 or more!) Sexual orientation: Straight)

Still, I occasionally get emails from other guys who ARE interested in me. I ignore those because it should be pretty obvious that I'm NOT interested in THEM.

On the other hand, I also get (okay, almost never get) emails from women in whom I may or may not be interested. Since I am looking for women, I assume that they think I might be interested. I think those emails deserve the courtesy of a reply. Would it be polite to ignore them if I didn't find them interesting to me? I don't think so. I can politely and tactfully decline entering into any sort of relationship (however shallow) and it doesn't cost me anything.

Likewise, when I send emails to women or, less often, couples, whose profiles say they are looking for (either solely or in addition to others) single men, I expect some kind of reply. A simple "no thanks" would suffice if they were not interested.

However, some (many more than I ever expected) seem to find those 9 keystrokes (not counting the quotes) too difficult. It's that or they are above being the least bit courteous.

C'mon people. If you're going to put yourself out there as looking for somebody, have the decency to reply if you get an email from someone who meets your "looking for" criteria.

2daycowboywanted 46F

9/8/2006 8:34 am

Agreeable or not - gotta learn to each their own and go on.

Until later

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