Mind Fuck  

Mr_Wall_St 34M
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6/23/2006 10:56 pm
Mind Fuck

A new friend of mine, aurganza, made an excellent suggestion to my previous post 'Pussy Eating: Part 2.' Her suggestion sparked some real thought about sex in general. I'm talking about the part where you fuck someone's mind... the kind of glorious satisfaction that seeps through the mind and has them wanting more in no time...no not because they're horny, because you make them that way.

My point is that your lover is not just a hard dick, or a sopping wet warm spasming pussy (my mouth is water now). They are indeed a person and you need to let them know that you aren't going only to ravage their body, but that even their mind is going to be yours.

Oh yes ladies and gentleman, you are going to be naked in front of your lover, but you are going to communicate to your lover with more than just your words. Your motions and body language speak WORLDS of words and sex only heightens body language.

As much as I am an advocate for the intense, animalistic, uninhibited freedom in the carnal ravaging of your partner, do it with style, with flair. Let them know with your hands, a smile, your eyes, your legs, your thighs, your chest, stomach, your shoulders that you are there and that you want them. Fuck their mind...take your time. Strip slowly, then change the pace and run your hands all over them. Do that, and I swear to you I don't care what super amazing position you know or how many spots you can hit; the orgasm that'll come from seducing your lover's mind will do nothing short of take them and you to heaven.

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