Egg laying Rabbits?...  

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4/16/2006 8:43 pm

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Egg laying Rabbits?...

Hello all

I wanted to wish everyone a very happy Easter.

I was thinking about all the major holidays, and the lore the follows each of them.

on Valentines Day we give lovers gifts...
on Holloween we dress up and go to costume parties...
on New Years we run around beating pans together and kissing each other...
on Independence Day we light fireworks...
on Thanksgiving we eat Turket dinners...
on Christmas we get a visit from Santa (if were Christian) and recieve gifts...

Whats up with Easter?

For Christians, Easter is the most hallowed of days, a celebration of Jesus rising from the dead.

But there is also a curious part of Easter lore that is shared by Christians, non Chritians and non-religious alike...the hunting for Eggs and a Rabbit that bounces around and hides them.

Where did the that come from? Im sure the Eggs are part of Spring-time rejuvenation and new birth. But what about the Rabbit that hides them? The famous Easter Bunny.

It seems odd to me that a Mammal such as a Rabbit, would be the one selected for this task?
You see the rare and very bizarre Duck-billed Platypus is the only mammal on the planet that lays eggs. But it is located only in Australia, that kinda rules it out for most parts of the world.
Another animal more suited for Egg delivery would be a Bird of some kind right? Seems logical to me?
Or even a reptile or some sort, they also lay hard shelled Eggs.

The point Im trying to make is this...since Rabbits dont lay Eggs, the Easter Bunny must have to sneak very carefully up to sleeping Chicken nests and steal the Eggs needed for Easter. Or purchase them from the local market.

It seems to me that this particular part of Easter lore was not throughly thought out. It would make alot more sense...if a cute Monitor Lizard (with a little yellow bow-tie) around his neck slithered around and hid Eggs for the kiddies. It would solve the logistics problem, he would just lay them himself.

Sounds like a great idea for a science fiction horror movie huh?

I dont make this stuff up, just report it.

Hope you had a great Easter!



4/17/2006 8:07 am

Sweet O',
what a heart breaking post, specially for me being that I will always have a tight grasp on my inner child . I guess you are 100% grown up Mr O'.
I will leave all of my toys and imagination behind when interacting with you, it will be all about the stock market, politics and everything grown up. By the way Dow went down, Nasdaq up.
Kinky Pan

I love you O', one of the finest friends I will ever encounter and handsome too.
Good luck with the BIG deal you have going on.

Mr_O_4you 57M

4/18/2006 3:43 am

Dearest Kinky Pan

I feel like a Shaved Head version of Captain Hook now (Arrrrrrg, me name is Captain .

Do I kidnap "Tink" and use her for bait... to catch you?

Im plotting my next move ...

"TICK !"

What was that?...


Whats that sound?

"TICK !"

Wheres that pesky Crocodile?

"TOCK !"

to be continued...

thx for the sweet compliments and the well wishes.

I feel privileged to call you a friend...

Captain O


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