Movin slowly today  

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1/5/2006 9:18 am

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Movin slowly today

I have a crick in my back that won't go away. I guess I need a good massage to loosen up. I don't know if it is how I'm sleeping or what. I feel like Herman Munster when I turn around.

No sex last night ot his morning. Kids at home and one in the bed. We just have different needs. But I got a lot of sleep.

I told you I would add more about my friend Rose. She wanted me to drive the half hour and visit, but she was very worried about whether her husband would be there or not. His job had odd hours and she could not always predict whether he would be home or not. So one day, I decided I would visit. But I didn't tell her. I just showed up. Only her car in the driveway, so that looked okay. I parked down the street a ways and took a clipboard with me. I decided I would act like a pollster or something if hubby were home. I knocked on the door and when she opened it her eyes got as big as saucers. She quick looked up and down the street and then pulled me inside. She asked what I was doing and we talked a bit, but then we were all over each other. That sort of crazy frenetic kissing. She was shoving her tongue into my mouth and I was squeezing her ass. I pushed up her t-shirt and bra. I just had to taste her nipples. Since she had a real small frame, her tits just jumped out at me. Her nipples were standing straight out and I thumbed them both before I pulled one into my mouth and worked it gently between my teeth. I love breasts and can spend a long time moving from one to the other. But after suckling both for a bit, we were back to deep kissing. That new/first time kissing that always gives me a hard on by itself. It didn't hurt that she was grinding her pelvis into my khakis. My dick was pushing back just as hard. I went back to her nipples, moving from one to the other with my mouth while my hands were everywhere. All of sudden Rose jumped me. Literally. She jumped up and locked her legs around my ass. She threw her head back, keeping her tits right in my face and started moaning over and over, "Do me. Do me. Just do me. Do me now. Do me." Every time she said it, she thrust her hips into me, grinding her clit into me and squeezing my ass like a vice with her legs. "Do me. Do me. Do me now. Just do me. do me. Do me."

Now that was just what I wanted to hear. First of all, I had gotten hard as I was walking up to her door. Now, I am not huge - somwhere around six to seven inches - but I felt like my dick was swollen to nine or ten. I was leaking pre-cum like crazy. But we didn't have a condom and we had agreed that since we didn't know where her husband was we were not going to make love today. So, the hero that I was, I said no. I'm still not sure whether that makes me noble or stupid. But I peeled Rose off of me, cupped my hand on her jeans, over her mound, and tried to bang her clit with the heel of my hand as I kissed her mouth and lips.

Just then, a picture fell off the wall with a bang. We both jumped apart like we were shot. Coming to our senses, we covered Rose back up, kissed a long hot goodbye with lots of roaming hands and I left.

I saw her later, but I'll post that later.

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