The First Time...A Womans Story  

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The First Time...A Womans Story

This erotic tale was written by a woman.

I'd love to cuddle in those arms of yours as close as I can get, feelin your hot body, your heat,lay my head on your chest with you holding me against you tight, till we were breathless from being close to each other, hearing each others breathing, then giving into an erotic hungry kiss!

Nothing else matters but having each other for our first time. I love the way you move that body over mine. Your mouth fastened tight to mine, our eyes open, looking into each others eyes as lust for each other crosses over them. Mmm…Your knee pushing my legs apart, rubbing against my yielding pussy. Your knee pushes against it, separating my lips, swollen and hot...I moan softly as I feel your tongue running down the side of my neck, making me tremble in your arms. But its Your mouth, your kissing that is driving me wild...I wrap my legs around your waist, pushing my hips towards you...arching my body softly against hands run up your arms, my nails digging in slightly. You reach down between my legs and slam in two fingers, taking me by surprise, my dark eyes get huge. I gasp as I feel your finger plunge deep inside me...You start to finger fuck me hard and fast, watching my eyes as you do. My big breasts visible and rocking slightly while you pleasure me with your hand, your thumb banging aginst my clit.

I raise my hips to meet your fingers, then you pull them out with a loud plop! You look at me with this evil look and put your fingers to your mouth. I watch how sexy you are, making me breathe harder as I watch your every move. You tease me as your pointed tongue snakes out and has a lick of my juices off your fingers. Then you hold your finger under my nose, and tell me to lick it. Mmmm, I do what u say. I lick slowly, your eyes on my mouth watching intently...then you look back into my eyes and lower your face to mine. I watch as you slowly... seductively... lick my finger that's inside my mouth. I feel your tongue slip inside my mouth, slowly exploring... tasting turns me on so much I can barely lie still...then your mouth is all over mine. Kissing me lightly... softly... sucking my lower lip into your warm mouth and sucking gently. Then your mouth tilts to the side. I watch as your mouth opens wide over mine and then you cover my mouth with yours. Kissing me so deeply it takes my breath away. Your hand wraps in my hair, you pull a little bit, you put my head in the position that best suits you and you devour my mouth with yours, as I whimper softly...I can feel your cock seeking me out.

You reach under and slap my pussy hard with your rigid cock, making me quiver as I feel and hear release our hot kiss. Your mouth travels down, tormenting and teasing me, making me shudder at the power you have over me with your mouth...I groan as you roughly grab both my ankles and spread my sluttly legs far apart. I watch as you tease my pussy mercilessly with your straining cock, my dark eyes plead with you...You watch my pussy as my lips part, and try to suck you in. I need you to fuck me!!! You press just the head in. I can feel it, my hips have a mind of their own...they start to move in sensuous circles, around and around. I think if my eyes don't convince you maybe my hips will entice you. You look up into my dark eyes, "You like that girl?" you growl at me...I look away, my mouth trembling in anticipation...not realizing I'm biting on my lip, which always causes your cock to swell even more...I feel as your hands roughly run down the insides of my knees and down my thighs. You push them apart as you slam your cock inside me. I jerk and gasp, my mouth open in surprise! My chest heaving as you smile at me darkly. I see the heat in them...oh good god!!! And I know by the look in your eyes I'm in for that fuckin you promised me when we first met online...

"Mmm you like that little girl don't you?" you ask me in a louder body is quaking under you and I can barely speak. I just nod at you...SLAM! deeper this time...You can feel my pussy lips swelling and gripping on to you tightly. You start to fuck me slow, but deep, and hard, with steady even strokes. With each thrust my big breasts bounce and jiggle. I notice you enjoying watching them...My small hands wander up to your shoulders as you start to pound me faster and deeper, my nails dig into them as I shove my hips upwards into you, my soft moans getting louder with each thrust!!

All of a sudden you eyes fly open in shock! You laugh a little laugh, with a sneer. I glare at you, and I want to slap you so hard! You're such an arrogant prick sometimes!!! You let go of my legs, press into me harder, both hands on my big tits, holding them in your big hands, rubbing them roughly, licking up and down my deep cleavage Long hard wet licks, ...I'm feeling a little risky so I rub them in your face, it just urges you on, makes you hotter and harder. Your mouth takes in one nipple at a time...I look at you as you lick softly at first, then lick around my big nipples causing me to shake. Oh you know all my easy spots, don't you I think to myself. Your hands squeezing them harder putting your finger and thumb on them and rolling them around faster and faster making them so hard and pink...You flick your tongue across them, making my nipples bounce as your tongue gets wilder.

By now my groans have turned into crying out. ...OH GOD!!! Then your mouth is devouring both of them, covering as much as you can with that hot wild mouth of yours... leaning back, smacking them around lightly. You watch my eyes, realizing you found something else that makes me hotter and wanting more.... You see how much I like it... You smack them again, only this time when you do... You slam that hot throbbing dick of yours up so far inside me I feel like I'm being split in two. I scream as my head drops back and I arch up into you. Then you start to my mouth with yours as you start slapping your dick in and out faster...deeper...harder...I'm way past the point of no return...I need to cum....

Your big rough hands reach under my ass. You squeeze my ass cheeks tight and pull me into you hard and fast, causing me to scream as I feel electric hot flashes ripping through my body. I become a wild cat now with a primal need, thrashing my body all over the bed wanting to feel fulfilled with you as my hands reach around to that ass of yours. "GOD DAMMNIT!!!" I hiss at you in a growl...FUCK ME HARDER!!! My nails bite into your ass cheeks. My legs tighten around you. I slam back into you, fucking you back with a vengeance, meeting thrust for thrust...we're pounding each other like two cats with that need screaming out!

Our bodies sweating and slapping loudly together...I love the smells and sounds of a good hot fuck, nothing turns me on more than to hear it all. I feel your dick jerk and swell even bigger, I feel myself building to an intense orgasm...I'm pounding back as hard as you're pounding me. I start to shake violently, my body tightens and spasms...I scream as I shut my eyes tight and then hold my breath as I feel my orgasm rip from my body. I feel your hard muscled body tense, growling at me. I watch in fascination as your eyes glaze over...that's when I know your going to shoot your load in me. You slam fuck me even harder making me cum in one wave after another. I grab your hair, pull your mouth to mine. I feel your cock spurt hot cum inside me...I moan into your mouth and kiss you deeply...hungry for what you have to give me. I love to kiss when I cum.…there’s something so incredibly erotic and hot about it!

Mmm I feel your cum and mine running between my collapse on top of me, your dick still inside me...I love that...we share some soft sensuous kisses, taking our time, enjoying each other...I hold you as close as I can to my warm body, my cunt muscles tightening around your cock still snuggled deep inside me... I love feeling the contrast of my soft flushed body against your hard keep kissing me and kissing me, I return them enthusiastically! I'm still so hungry for more from you...mmmm I feel your cock grow inside me…wow, I'm ready for another round like the first one! mmmm... mmmm...mmmm. The song from EnVogue echos in my mind. What a man, what a man, what a mighty good man.

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Damn...mighty hot there....WHEW!

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Ditto.....I was


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ok it will be held feb. 24th at the BLIND PIG on west 6th street in clevelands warehouse district !!! you guest of honor will be there around 9 pm....


Another great MEET AND GREAT for the members of the groups Looking For Friendships AND Akron Friends !!!

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