Interactions of the most interesting sort.  

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2/2/2006 12:04 pm

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Interactions of the most interesting sort.

On Monday, I get a call from this woman who works for a mortgage company and we end up talking pretty much all after noon, off and on. The things I say to her are so uncanny because she is going through this situation and I am hitting the nail right on the head every time. Its remarkable. But, not surprising. We are in similar situations. I believe that things happen for a reason and people come into our lives at the right time for the right reason. Exchange happens and we get what we need from the other and visa versa.
That evening, I go to class and we are working on the stomach(remember, I do massage) and my partner just completed a personal growth workshop and is full of emotion. I work on her for a little bit, but there is just so much going on with her that we can't continue. But, as a result, her energy ends up stirring up my emotional pot, as well, especially after the intense conversation I had with my real estate friend earlier in the day. It left me a bit shaken up.

Then, Tuesday evening I get in this little fender bender when this girl trys to change into my lane while I am in it. Since two objects can't occupy the same place at the same time, she bumps into my left rear fender and dents it as well as scratching up the paint on my left rear door. My new Escape, which I bought with the help of my GI Bill money, money I had gone through so much to get, had been damaged twice now in two weeks. The previous incident was back on the 18th, my birthday, when someone broke my left rear window and stole my backpack. It was a terrible birthday, I have to say. And it started out finding about the break in. I am thinking about doing some sort of energetic purification of that area of my vehicle since that seems to be a trouble spot.

Anyway, I exchange information with this beautiful young lady and the next day, she comes over. We go get a jambajuice, hang out, and I give her a massage. Not a full body, didn't have the time. Just upper body back and stomach. It was an enjoyable time, spent with a very sweet young lady. And now, I have a new friend.

I was supposed to go and give this other woman a massage tomorrow. She is feeling a bit insecure at the moment about meeting me, face to face. So, that may not happen. In any case, its all good. We'll see what happens. The thing that amazes me is that I am having these interactions with these women all of a sudden almost out of the blue. But, nothing is by chance. There is purpose to all events. And I am left pondering the meaning of it all.

I can say that, for these women, they are genuine people; sincere and accepting, and open minded. They possess the qualities I look for in friends. I am grateful to have made their aquaintence.

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