The Great Out Doors To ...Discover  

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10/29/2005 10:04 pm

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The Great Out Doors To ...Discover

As you can already tell. My Hubby and I are very adventurous. In fact, one of my favorite stories, involved one of my favorite locations...

My Favorite Park!

On our hike, we stopped in the middle of the path and looked at each other. We both had been overwhelmed by a spark of inspiration!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dashing through the dirt trail, we located a spot... a small empty beach, at the northern end of the park...

Right then, we stripped off our clothes and laid between to huge dead trees, and began our sexual ritual right there! (Whilst... may I add, when the tide was coming in!)

We managed to finish, before an old lady began to come down the stairs, to walk her dog along the beach.

THANK GOD, It was a really good quickie, and we already had are clothes back on. I think she might of had a heart attack if she caught us, instead of us run passed her on the beach!

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