Why so difficult  

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11/26/2005 9:06 pm

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Why so difficult

Why is so hard to trust someone, that is the question that haunts my heart. I always believed that if you are real with people that they would see it and be the same way with you, but alas, it seems like that would be to much like right. I keep in getting the impression that a man like me just does not fit in with this world we live in today.
Well enough about that it just means that I shall have to put forth more of a effort to make my dreams come to fruition. Its almost like my standers are to high, well let's see, I hope to find a nice "friend" from this website. A ideal woman for me would have to be attractive, keep her body in shape, have a smart-ass mentality, a realistic look on the world, has to be able to hold her on, you know thats just the tip of the iceberg but the rest of that shit come out with time.
Ahhh well, we all have our hopes and dreams.

P.S. Dooby Dooby DO

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