What color is that bush?...do cuffs and collar match?  

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5/26/2006 6:03 pm

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5/27/2006 10:42 am

What color is that bush?...do cuffs and collar match?

After watching Penelope Cruz brag about how good some homehair dye product is I had to ask myself.."Dark...wtf ...do we actually believe that Miss Cruz dyes her precious locks at home?"...good question. Well Miss Cruz the ruse has been exposed. Do you mean to tell us that between business obligations (i.e. fucking a homosexual uberstar to get a part in his new blockbuster flop in trade for making him look not-so-gay)..or your social calender of sleeping til 2pm, then a frappachino with my hot friend (needed for the occasional tongue kiss in public to look hip) all before settling down for your afternoon nap (fucking Caesar the poolboi) so you will be well rested for your coke and special-K laced dance-party evening at the latest hotspot...you actually have time to dye your hair?...and are we supposed to believe that YOU will actually do it and not pay some "colorist(fancy word for hair stainer)"..............Please..

..........so Penelope don't try to toss shit st us thru the tv anymore and stick to what makes you famous....show us your tits!...thanks sweetie

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