This is no place for an ALPHA male to get laid...  

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9/23/2005 10:31 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

This is no place for an ALPHA male to get laid...

After 2 months of trying, I am giving up on finding any worthwhile excitement on this site.

This is no place for an ALPHA male to get laid.

If you're a good looking guy, this site is just too much work for too little return. You'ld be better off going to bars a few nights a week and trolling for women. On a bad night, without too much luck, a good looking guy could come away from a dance bar with a couple of phone numbers - I know I have done so in the past. On this site you can Wink, E-mail and post forever and barely get a nibble...even at 10 to 1 the hurdles only get worse - ugly women, lonely women, psycho women, women who want you to support them, women who direct you to other pay sites, women who lie about their attractiveness, GUYS posing as women so they can play at being desired!!!

Not only are the numbers against you, but ALL the usual problems which exist in finding a suitable woman INCREASE because on this site, people are indulging in clandestine behavior - so the lieing and deceitfulness INCREASES!

I suspect that some couples do manage to use this site to find other couples to play with. And perhaps single women (especially the "mythical" single bi woman every other ad seems to be looking for) find what they want here.

My original intention was to find something extra on the side where all parties knew nothing would get serious. I could easily have "pretended ie. LIED" about being single - but this would have defeated my purpose from the start. Besides, my intention was to meet people, and after a point I'm really not a good liar.

My basic honesty has been rewarded with very little actual sex...although I have had 2 very interesting experiences from this venture (both people who contacted me, not any people I tried to contact). And I have learned quite a bit about my own sexuality and confirmed what I have thought about female it has been a learning experience.

I would recommend single guys to spend their time looking elsewhere. Not only are expectations and "strings" abounding, but the number of scam artists and deceitful people makes the already near impossible situation even worse.

"No strings sex" is a great male fantasy...but all pretentions and pandering aside, you will very rarely find it here...or perhaps anywhere.


hotandhorny107 59F

9/24/2005 12:36 am

Considering the ratio of male to female most men here are fortunate to meet someone at all. And serious or not, I believe that there has to some type of emotional connection to make the effort worthwhile.

And as to your comment about scams I have heard from a few others I have met on this site. As to the deceit, I have been through that more than once. People see themselves much differently than others see them and remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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