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How do you make new friends? I don't mean acquaintances that you see occasionally, but friends that you can count on?

Someone who you can tell every little secret to and who will tell you every little secret also. Someone that you can meet with every week or so for a quiet chat or just call on the phone when you need a friendly voice. Not someone who depends on you to make or break their mood, but just someone. I have had those kind of friends before, I think. I know that I have had friends (of either sex) that I felt comfortable telling every little secret feeling to and who told me everything. They knew my skeletons and I knew theirs. I knew that I could count on them to be there no matter what else was going on in my life. I haven't had that kind of friend for many years now.

My friends would move away or I would. That close relationship would be there for a year or two, but time, distance, or something would change it and they would just fade away and next thing you know it is five years later and you haven't seen or heard from them, except for a Xmas card or possibly an email once or twice in that time.

You don't have the same relationship. You don't even know how many children (or grandchildren) they might have. In some cases, not even sure if they are still alive until you get that next message or card.

Is it me? Is it them? Is the fact that we let go part of what gets us together in the first place?

I would really like a friend to just have a cup of coffee with or go to a movie once in awhile. I have lived in the same place for 15 years and still wonder when I am going to find that cosmic connection to someone.

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