Oh get over it. And over yourself.  

Morrigan_liaiso 39F
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3/22/2006 8:57 pm
Oh get over it. And over yourself.

Ladies and gentlemen wake up please. If your all that you would not be on-line looking for a piece of tell. I am not getting over my head I am just noticing a pattern. I am not without my little hang ups. But damn some people are just a little to picky for some just looking for a one night stand. This is not a comment from a bitter woman, just from somone that thinks everyone should get laid even the skinny no body females, the short dick men, to the very large women to the ugly pimple faces stick boys. It is same how people just don't fuck with condums like in the 70's. It is the best just to put these online companies out of business taking peoples money for sex.

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