A moment of Steam  

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7/7/2006 1:22 pm

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A moment of Steam

She had been wasting the day away on her computer reading the thoughts of others as she had done so many days prior. On this day however she was trying to find the words that would implant pictures in her head that would make the long awaited shower of the day much more enjoyable.

So there she was clicking back and forth page after page looking for something intriguing. And then just when she thought she was about to get disgusted and would look no further, there it was. A wonderful Therapy session that ended her search. Just what she had needed to get her out of her slump. To get her ready for the afternoon and evening.

It was a wonderful read and she could just envision the hands on her body massaging the oil onto every inch of her...every crease, every curve. Now it was time for her shower. She slowly got up from the computer the massage still in her mind.

She hunted what she would need. Two towels, razor, shave-cream, shampoo, conditioner, and bodywash were the items needed for her routine today. She dropped the bathrobe to the floor and turned on the water in the shower.

She liked it nice and hot. She loved the steam it created and the redness on her body when she was done. It made her feel breathtakingly beautiful. She slowly got into the tub to let the hot spray from the shower head glide down along her body. As it ran along each and every inch she imagined fingers touching her where she needed to be touched.

She couldn't wait any longer but she had to. She had to get through the routine. She wanted to get it over and done with so that she could be on to much better things. Things that along with the heat of the water would increase her blood flow.

She grabbed the razor and hurriedly shaved the areas that needed some slight grooming. As she finished she smiled to herself. Now the best was to come. She grabbed the shampoo and added a little bit to her palm slowly rubbing her hands together to work up a lather.

She began to run the shampoo through her hair. Slowly and sensually massaging her scalp with her fingers. Her eyes closed and she began to imagine another with her.

His fingers massaging her scalp and the back of her neck at the hairline as she shampooed her hair. She began to feel a warm sensation within her begin to build.

She continued her vision for as long as she could allow and then slowly stepped under the spray of the hot water to wash away the suds and the remnants of the fantasy knowing full well that another would soon start. She quickly conditioned her hair in a hurry to start her next therapy session.

She grabbed her bodywash and poured it out onto her hands. The smell of roses filled the air mixing with the steam of the shower. It caused her to get lost in her thoughts again. As she began to rub her soapy hands along her body slowly, she closed her eyes and once again he was with her.

She was lying in a bed of rose petals. The warm water raining down along her body was his warm breath on her as he slowly began to blow along her skin. He followed his heat trails with his hands softly and firmly massaging every inch of her body.

While she lathered herself her fingers moved all over her, but in her minds eye it was him touching her in that way. Making her yearn for him.

He ran his hands over her breast gently tugging at her nipple causing it to become erect. Then he moved to give the other the same treatment.

She began to pant slowly as her fingers and her imignation began to take off lifting her higher and higher on the sensual rollercoaster.

He moved his hands down her tummy rubbing softly touching every inch of her, her sides and her hips. He worked his way down to her legs. Massaging her thighs, her calfs, her feet, and her toes. He began to return his attention up her legs and back toward her thighs. He then began to massage her inner thighs slowly moving upward more and more.

She began to moan softly as her soapy hands began to take her to another dimension in her mind.

He moved his assault to the back of her to caress each cheek with care. Slowly and sensually flicking her crack with a finger for added pleasure. Then once again turned his attention back to the front of her. Massaging her neck, and down between the well of her breasts. Slowly working his way down her body softly and slowly stroking his hands and his fingers down her skin.

He soon found the place that had been awaiting his touch. The warmth that was there when he touched it was stunning. He began to move his fingers on her clit softly teasing it.

She cried out as her fingers touched her sensitive spot. Still envisioning him she began to whimper. She wanted to feel more. She wanted to experience the explosion of the sensations coursing through her body now. As the fingers of her right hand played with the moistness of her, her left hand moved back up to cup and caress her breast. She was again taken back to another world.

He moved his hands on her just perfectly. Touching what seemed like the right spot everytime. He slowly teased her slit, causing her to become wetter. He moved his other hand to cup her breast and tease and torment her nipple with the flicking of his fingers. Slowly dipping a finger inside her moist well. She cried out again.

He began to move his finger slowly inside her. Moving it around in circular motions. Searching for that magical point. And then he found it. The soft spot that began to firm at his touch. He began to rub it softly. Stroking her into a fever of passion, still massaging her breasts at the same time.

Then ever so slowly he leaned down and flicked her clit with his tongue. She screamed out in passion as her juices spilt forth.

The trickle of warm water down her belly to her clit had helped her reach her orgasm. It was like a warm tongue lapping where it needed to. She panted softly as the image of him slowly began to fade. She turned slowly still panting from the therapy she had given herself and let the water wash away the suds from her body.

She sighed softly as she shut the water off and grabbed her towel to exit the tub. The steam was thick in the air. And she could smell her excitement mixed with it. She smiled to herself as she opened the door walking out as the steam began to dissipate. Thus closing the world off to what had just transpired.

©LeFaye78 2006

Hope you all enjoyed. Check out Grib's post [post 417282]. It will send you to a whole new world. It helped me to create this post!

This post was for you luv.

SirMounts 103M

7/7/2006 8:07 pm

That was a very enjoyable story, MorganLeFaye.
Welcome to blogging. *smiling* ...you write very well.

MorganLeFaye1978 40F
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7/9/2006 2:11 pm

    Quoting rm_mzhunyhole:
    I loved it..I felt like I was lying in a bed of rose petals..very soothing and sexy..lady.
Thank you very much Mzhuny for the compliment and for stopping by. Feel free to cum back anytime. I enjoy your blog very much also. Could you smell the roses too?

MorganLeFaye1978 40F
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7/9/2006 2:12 pm

    Quoting SirMounts:
    That was a very enjoyable story, MorganLeFaye.
    Welcome to blogging. *smiling* ...you write very well.
Thank you SirMounts. I enjoy writing and I enjoy the affect it has on others. Please feel free to cum back anytime.

LeFaye is off to read another blog by SirMounts.

MorganLeFaye1978 40F
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7/10/2006 1:51 am

Thank you Dusty. I am glad you enjoyed it!

grib1876 46M

7/10/2006 3:27 am

Hmmm...very erotic! Nicely done. And thank you for the compliment, Morgan. I enjoy hearing that I have inspired lovely women into getting *in touch* with themselves.

Here's to many more inspired writings. {=}


Passion247000 47F
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7/12/2006 10:45 pm

Nicely done, MorganLeFaye... I can really envision and feel what you have described! Keep them cumming...

SirMounts 103M

7/14/2006 11:20 am

    Quoting MorganLeFaye1978:
    Thank you SirMounts. I enjoy writing and I enjoy the affect it has on others. Please feel free to cum back anytime.

    LeFaye is off to read another blog by SirMounts.
Why, your joy is evident in your writing, and I feel certain in everything, that you do. *smiling warmly*

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