A Letter To All BBWs  

MoreThanUrUsedTo 39M
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6/4/2006 10:28 pm

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A Letter To All BBWs


As a man who appreciates BBW's I would like to send this out to you. This is on behalf of myself but I'd be willing to bet other BBW lovers can/will echo my sentiments.

The phrase Big, Beautiful Woman was written that way to describe you for a reason because you are Big AND Beautiful...not big despite being beautiful, not beautiful because you are big...that don't work. Not all beautiful women are big and not all big women are beautiful. For those of you who are, thank you for being that.

So, now that I've identified who I'm talking about I would like to make some statements to you...

1. When you've got a man who will go down on you, help him out. If I've got to focus on keeping (let's just call it skin) out the way of your pussy, I'm not fully focused on getting you hot. That's a damn shame for both of us. So help a brotha out by lifting it up so I can get down while I'm going down.

2. You sweat. I'll say it again, you sweat. I sweat. We all sweat. You and I just happen to do it more when we have sex because (if we're doing it right) it's hot stuff. Don't use the fear of sweating as an excuse not to get into it. I'm more put off by a woman who ain't getting into the sex than a woman who sweats alot.

3. KY is not your enemy. Your big and beautiful self has more (let's just call it skin) around your pussy than other women. Because of this, while your pussy may be sopping wet, that don't necessarily translate to the outside. This creates some friction problems that ain't all good (particularly with a condom on). So if I, or any other man, pulls out some lube don't get pissed. We're just trying to make it right for us to do the damned thing.

4. Even if you ain't exercising regularly...stretch. Stretch early and stretch often. Ain't nothing good when I'm with you and you can't do no other position than doggystyle because your legs won't stretch no other way. I like to change it up a bit but you got to work with me.

That's all I have to say. Continue to be your big and beautiful self and I'll keep loving you. If you do (or are already doing) the things I mention here...hit me up.

fun4all_msb 38M/38F

6/14/2006 4:29 pm

Ok I said I would, so here goes.
Your comments show that you have a unique love and understanding of the female form, especially the big and beautiful female form. I, for one, appreciate that and am very turned on by your outlook. I think that you have the ablitity to make any woman feel like a Queen and all I have to say is "Hail to the King, baby!"
Snootchie Boochie Noochies

secretbbwlover 41F

6/29/2006 1:37 am

I am so glad you had this post on here. When viewing your profile, I was so interested but saw that I wasn't your body type. Thanks for the information in this post. I know all about each thing you were talking about. I think most men are also scared to stretch us out when they are with us. I think the best way to avoid the problem of the large lips is to eat it from behind...only problem with me is that you may just get a good squirt on your face. Get at me though!

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