AFF things that make you go hmm..think...and random thoughts and questions  

MordecaiB 47M/46F
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2/20/2005 2:17 pm

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AFF things that make you go hmm..think...and random thoughts and questions

some are good, some are bad things
first the fakes, If I get one more link/email to a porn site or another personal service I will scream.
What can a person do just to get a chat going with someone? It seems so hard on here, and I know chatting isnt hard for me in person or when I am out, heck in real life I can probably get a wall to talk back to me, but on here it seems very hard.
To the women out there, especially those with pictures, is it necessary to tell you we find you attractive? or is our response indicative of that and we can spend our typing time writing other things.
What type of picture do you ladies prefer? penis? face? body? all of the above?
I know looks are somewhat important in the sense of there has to be an attraction, but to me the person inside is just as important. A perfect 10 can drop to a 0 if she is nasty and a very average lady can become extremely desirable if she has a shining personality, smiles allot and makes me laugh and feel good.
I would love to find a few local ladies to chat with just to get to know them better.
Thanks for taking the time to read this!

KaKaKaKn 56M

2/21/2005 12:46 am

Mordecai, I have to agree with you. I think that maybe a number of women on here are very shy and insecure. That's why they are on here . . . . it's safer than "real" life. For example, I've tried corresponding to women and they ask for a picture. I then invite them to my network where they can see 4 pictures (of course there is NO picture of them). Then they don't respond. I write back again later to see what's up and they tell me I didn't send them pictures like they asked. I tell them they have already accepted my invite so they can see pictures (feliciaxxxx). It's at this point I ask if they are really women. There are a number of guys on here under womens profiles trying to get you to send them pictures via email so they can get your email address and send you tons of crap. When I bring this up, I rarely hear back from these "ladies".

Then there is the lady in Texas (majikhandz) who I tried to correspond with for several weeks before a trip I was going to take to Dallas. I tried over and over to set up a very nice dinner for us to have together and she kept making up a bunch of excuses (even the I didn't get your picture like I asked excuse). It ends up she was just plain chicken. A lot of these women are either chicken or use this ONLY as a way of boosting their "female ego's" and don't really expect to date a guy. I haven't found very much quality on here when it comes to women. But shouldn't it tell you something when a "women" doesn't ever become a member that she really isn't serious? In conclusion, there are a wide range of reasons why people are on here and many are not compatible with what some of us others' reasons are. Good luck . . . I'm going to give this site just a little while longer before going elsewhere.

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