cuckold weekend  

MommyandBaby 39M/39F
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9/12/2005 7:07 am

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4/26/2006 4:41 am

cuckold weekend

My man is an adult baby in diapers. I am his mommy. Nobody understand our ageplay. s=So I planed to cuckold him this weedend. I found a stud and we will meet this weekend. I love only my baby and Mommy has to feed him fresh milk! If it is not enough, also golden juice too.

shinai4you 53M  
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10/9/2005 11:56 pm

How did it go?
I'd love to satisfy mommy.

marcusjapan12 45M
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2/14/2006 6:34 pm

Love to help mommy with her desires if she came to nagoya.

rm_AB4u2love 58M

7/11/2006 11:23 am

a bit extreem for my taste
part time big baby myself I can only dream of a loving and understanding partner such as yourself to share in the fantasy
but I am not so lucky..
being well endowded, and taking pleasure in pleasing my partner in so much as she pleases me, sexual and as her little guy..
It ended when I sugested the possibility of a nursing relationship..
she thought that was going too far.
cuddling, diapers, breast and bottles at night were one thing,
public humulition she thought was poitic justice
and just fun,
but having to become personaly involved with my little world was too much to ask, even after 20 years of marrage..
so I am back home again, searching for that special someone
who can mix, adult life, pleasures, romance and spice it up with a little big baby play... (mutual need thearapy)
enjoy life and be happy
you have each other...

rm_be19700615 47M
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9/13/2006 6:46 pm


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