Cat Nipped - an erotic story  

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8/27/2006 3:30 pm
Cat Nipped - an erotic story

Some people felt the cat was a nuisance. Some, like me, felt good knowing that it had a home. How it had got into the building and how long it had lived in the stairwell nobody knew. But during the days it wandered the offices, at night it slept in the fire escape stairway between the 23 and 26th floors. It made a boring job better somehow.
In August it gets hot, and the a/c has to work to keep up. We were fine, but I worried about the cat at night. The hallways didn’t get the cooling air we did. I knew several people on my floor were checking on it, and some guy two floors down had brought in an extra water bowl he was refilling regularly. Nobody knew him, but we all thought it was nice.
I get a little lonely on long weekends, so they must be worse for the cat. This one was going to be bad ‒ the heat was record breaking and there was heavy construction going on near us that sometimes shook the building. I didn’t like the thought of it being alone, so I brought in something it could play with, one of those feathers hanging from a long plastic stick. Maybe just so I’d have a playmate too, I took a ssandwich and the toy and went into the hallway for lunch.
The cat appreciated the toy. It sat on the landing above and I stood on the stairs below, dragging the toy across the floor, dangling it, teasing the cat and watching it play. It was a flexible shaft and snapped as it twisted in the air above the cat.
Maybe it was the heat, or maybe it was the tight skirt I was wearing, which wrapped me even tighter as I bent forward with the toy, but I began to feel horny. For a laughh, I started to alternate the snaps ‒ one for the cat, then, gently at first, one across my ass. It was a soft sharp pain at first, hard to feel through the fabric, so as I got used to it, I flicked it firmer.
I used to think horses ran harder after the jockeys use their whip because of the pain. I know now it is to show their pleasure, because the harder I brought the whip down across my ass the hornier I became and the hotter I was getting. I undid my blouse so as it soaked from my sweat it wouldn’t cling, and brought the wand hard across my ass. It felt amazing, a sensation I’ve never felt, and I closed my eyes and let the sting carry me.
I heard a water bowl slide acorss the landing, pushed there from hands blow me. I spun, and the guy from below was standing there. Great looking? I don’t know, I was in a horny haze. I was shocked but his smile was soft, welcoming and kind. Nice.
‘Let me’, he said, and I did. I handed him the whip and bent to grip the landing above with my hands, bent over so my skirt was bondage tight, and he brought the whip down on me. It hurt, but he immediately rubbed my ass with his open palm to ease the sting. Then he did it again. And rubbed, and whipped, and rubbed. I was completely wet. Iwanted to ask him for what I was craving, but didn’t have to. His hands took the ends of my skirt and folded them over my waist, and my panties came down. The feel of the whip was harsher on my ass but stinging tasty , and the feel of my fingers inside me was exquisite. I couldn’t have taken much more, but didn’t have to. As my drenched blouse clung to my back, the whp came down across it, and I felt my fingers squeezed inside my pussy by his cock that was filling me.
Maybe we were sending out heat waves to the whole area, but at that moment the building shook as the construction crew returned to work. The building started to shake, and what had always been an annoyance now added to it all as my crushed fingers and his thick cock vibrated inside my pussy. The whip came down on my back, and my tongue bit from lips to keep from screaming. He was going crazy with his cock and my hands were soaking wet and grabbing his cock and my cunt inside and I fucked him like I’ve never fucked anyone before.
The building shook, I was being whipped and screwed by an animal ‒ and just over our heads the fire alarm went off. The ringing sound filled the world, he filled my cunt, the pain/pleasure of the whip filled my senses ‒ and we both went insane. We screamed as loud as the alarm, fucked like I’ll fuck forever, the alarm ringing as we came, and came, and came.
The cat was long gone.
I still have the toy, he still works two floors down, the construction is slated to go on into the fall, the cat is happy, and next time I’m bringing lube for my eager ass.
I like my job again.

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