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4/28/2006 7:04 am

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It's been hard to find quality writers on this site. Mostly, it's just been "I'd sure like to squeeze those tits" or "I'd pull your clothes off and lick your pussy and make you cum!". How exciting. Uh, no, I would NOT like to meet you now.

Where are all the people who know how to seduce with words as well as hands? Where is the senuality, the patience, the hunger? I'm becoming sure that nobody feels these things but me. Am I right? Is there nobody left who can make me want them just by reading their words?

Somebody help!

fantasylover_05 63M

4/28/2006 7:37 am

Welcome to the blogs!!

I truly believe you will find some AMAZING people and writers here in the blogs!!!

There are people and writer of all sorts here.. poets.. and erotic story tellers and just plain old good folk pouring out themsleves here!!

Seek and you will find!

passionmaster52 66M
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4/28/2006 7:53 am

Dear Moist,
That is just the way many men are, especially the ones who search on a site like this. I am sure you will meet a few men here that have the ability to be a real man, not just a sex-crazed kid.
Its hard enough opening yourself up like this only to get repulsive replies. It may be that the ones you will be able to find happiness with will never find your blog, as I just by coincidence tried "the new girl" and looked at your blog.
Keep trying, and I will check you out from time to time to see how you are making out

digdug41 50M

4/28/2006 8:29 am

stick around we're not all barbaric and some of us do have chops when it comes to stringing these words together to paint a picture for you luv have fun and browse around you'll find that there are some very talented writers here

roaming the cyber streets of blogland

rm_jd29992z 55M
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4/28/2006 9:30 am

Check out my blog "Jim's Erotic Bed Time Stories" then you tell me. Hope you visit JD

rm_moveinspace 42M

4/28/2006 10:41 am

There are some good blogs on here mine not being one of them. Good luck with finding Hemingway on here though.

VATraveler1948 69M

4/28/2006 11:01 am

Welcome to the Blogs!

There are some wonderful erotic writers on here, finding something that trips your trigger may take some exploriation but there are some great ones here. Have fun searching!

peaches19555 62M

4/28/2006 11:18 am

Let my words gather in your low places like spring time fog in the cool of morn. Unsettled by the sun's first rays, intentions gather and rise to your warmth. Feel the constriction of their serpentine crawl up each thigh. Sleek and fat they come. Throw back your caution and spread wide your garden gate. No place to be held secret. Swollen and bulbous and as urgent as deep purple they find their satifaction. Bathe them in the moist porridge of your sex and feel their bite as they suckle at each breast. Lie still in their seduction. Exhale and they are gone.

GoddessOfTheDawn 106F
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4/28/2006 2:55 pm

just cruise around the blogz and you'll find some amazing thingz

have fun, and welcome to blogland

elysianpleasure 48M

4/28/2006 8:48 pm

Welcome to the blogs... there are a few good writers here for sure. I think you will enjoy this place. Drop by and check out my blog... hopefully it will interest you a little. Elysian

rm_jd29992z 55M
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4/29/2006 5:03 am

I held her face lightly in my hands and saw the desire in her eyes. slowly I move closer to her. The fragrance of her hair aroused my senses as my lips touched hers. Warm and soft were her lips against mine as I gently kissed her. Soft was her touch upon my neck. Her warm tongue touched mine and danced together in warm loving harmony. Both of us became more aroused as our kiss became more passionate. Lightly my hand touched her shoulder and moved down her body until I was cupping her breast in my hand. I could feel her nipple through the fabric of her dress. Hard and sensitive as my fingertips lightly tickled it. I could feel her Passion as her arms wrapped around me and pulled me closer. Lost in a kiss that seemed to go on forever. Slowly my leg slid between hers as she moved her hips rubbing herself against my leg. Our kiss more passionate as our tongues twirled, touching, tasting, our lips together, rubbing, sliding and our bodies held tightly together almost as one. I felt her body tremble as her hand moved up my chest to slightly push me away. Looking down at the floor she gasped for air as her blood flowed through her body like a swollen river. Her trembling hands moved up my neck and held my face. She looked into my eyes burning though to my soul and said, "Take me." in a low but powerful voice. I gathered her into my arms and carried her to the bed.

rm_fixkwic 44M

5/1/2006 2:42 pm

hey moist i no there are guys that can i am sure of that i have done it but my life the way it is it just dont work mail me and i will tell you alot about why its hard to make it work for me right now with the "reationship".

SirMounts 103M

5/3/2006 11:34 pm

Why yes, I agree. And, I hope to turn over a new leaf on the matter, someday soon... or if not then hopefully sometime before I die.
Um, if I remember to.
Now that I see what I wrote here, I seriously doubt if it's ever gonna happen!
A warm and... luscious, welcome to blogging, MoistDownUnder. *smiling*

MoistDownUnder 48F
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5/4/2006 7:04 am

Thanks for all the welcomes - you make a girl feel appreciated!

Maybe I should clarify - I'm not looking for Hemingway, or poetry, or flowery stories of gentle, candlelit backrubs. I looking for people who can capture the essence of lust, the daring excitement of sex. Can any of you remember the first time you had sex? Do you remember how your heart pounded? How your mind raced? How you were so focused on the pleasure of the moment (hopefully)? Is there really any reason why that couldn't be found only this far in life, and put into words? Shouldn't we know how to seduce someone without yet touching them? "Hey! Let's fuck!" is just not going to do the trick. People get so caught up trying to fuck the person, that they forget to fuck the mind - before, during, and after sex.

*sigh* Maybe it's just a lost cause. Do you think I'm asking too much of my fellow man (or woman... slurp!)

By the way, if someone thinks they know what I mean and want to post a more private example (or book ), feel free to drop it in my email, with "blog" as the subject line.


rm_jd29992z 55M
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5/11/2006 1:57 pm

    Quoting MoistDownUnder:
    Thanks for all the welcomes - you make a girl feel appreciated!

    Maybe I should clarify - I'm not looking for Hemingway, or poetry, or flowery stories of gentle, candlelit backrubs. I looking for people who can capture the essence of lust, the daring excitement of sex. Can any of you remember the first time you had sex? Do you remember how your heart pounded? How your mind raced? How you were so focused on the pleasure of the moment (hopefully)? Is there really any reason why that couldn't be found only this far in life, and put into words? Shouldn't we know how to seduce someone without yet touching them? "Hey! Let's fuck!" is just not going to do the trick. People get so caught up trying to fuck the person, that they forget to fuck the mind - before, during, and after sex.

    *sigh* Maybe it's just a lost cause. Do you think I'm asking too much of my fellow man (or woman... slurp!)

    By the way, if someone thinks they know what I mean and want to post a more private example (or book ), feel free to drop it in my email, with "blog" as the subject line.

Opening my eye I breathe in deeply being surrounded by the darkness in the room and the warmth of her body still held tightly against mine. Blinking my eyes clear and turning my head slightly to look at the clock. 4:23 blinks in its red illumination as it cast a faint red glow over the nightstand. I can still smell the very fait fragrance of our sexy encounter making me shiver slightly while recounting the wonderful experience.

Moving very slowly as not to awaken her I reposition my body and gently kiss the top of your head that is still resting on my chest. I can feel her lungs expand and contract as she softly breathes in air while she sleeps and her soft breasts rub ever so lightly against my chest and side. My hands gently caress her naked flesh remembering her sensitive flesh, her wiggling and shaking body just a few short hours ago now seeming so peaceful, so beautiful in her slumber lying tightly wrapped around me.

Her naked body warm and soft against mine and my touch moves down her sexy form and over her silky smooth bottom. The fingertips of my other hand very softly feel the velvet soft skin of her breast. In the quiet of the room I can almost hear her heart beet and feel her hot blood surging through her body. I feel myself getting warm, tingly and hard again just thinking about how sexy she was last night, how soft and warm she feel right now cuddled so closely to me and still holding me as if in her sleep she still desires me and wont let go.

I breathe in deep the fragrance of her hair as my fingertip very lightly touches and moves around her nipple. I feel it getting harder as I tickle it and wonder if she is dreaming about last night and us. Very slowly I move my leg that is lying between hers and feel her getting warm and moist from my touch and it exciting me. Slowly I squirm my body against her warm soft skin causing my adrenalin to flow making me tingle and flush with warmth.

Gently I move my hand and touch her opening and feel her wetness, her warmth. Slowly I slide the tip of my finger inside her opening and move it out and up so very slowly between her vulva and right to her clit. Light as a breeze my fingertip moves over her hard little nub slowly in a small circle. After a few moments I move my fingertip back inside her feeling she is getting wetter making me throb with desire. Once again I move to her sensitive nub and touch her lightly moving it slowly around.

In a moment of touching her most sensitive spot her body burst into wild spasms as she cried out after being awaken from a deep sleep by a very wild orgasm. I lay my body on top of hers as it pins one arm to the bed and my other hand holds her gently by the wrist and tightly to the bed. My other fingertip tickles her sensitive clit faster as her body trembles beneath me.

Her breathing is fast and hard a she moans with each exhale while my slippery fingertip slides and tickles her. Her legs tighten around my hand and lift forward until her thighs are against me and she lets out a loud cry. I move inside her and gently move in and out as her body calms down from her climax.

Kissing her neck I start to work my way down her body to stop and kiss her hard nipples when I felt her hand touch my shoulders and push me down I started to kiss down her body but she pushed harder until my mouth and tongue were caressing her wetness. Her hands grabbed the back of my head and her legs wrapped around my shoulders as she pushed her mound into my face with her hips and pulled my head down hard. She started to rub herself vigorously against my face as my tongue licked feverishly every wet spot of her and my face rubbed against her sensitive pussy.

My tongue moved fast across her clit as her body quickly started to tremble again, ”Oh my God,” I thought, “she is going to cum again as her body exploded in shaking and she arched her back hanging onto me as she screamed in pleasure. I held her tightly until her tremors subsided and gently kissed her wet wonderful sex.

Her hands grabbed me very tightly under my arms and pull hard against me. I moved slowly up her body but she pulled harder and wrapped her legs around my back and pulled with her legs. I tried to kiss her nipples but her steady pull on me made me move up faster. She moved her legs around my hips and her hands quickly moved down my body to grab my erection and pull me inside her. As soon as the head of my hardness entered her she whispered in a soft breathless voice, “Love me!”

I moved into her slowly enjoying the sensation of her wet warmth surrounding me and swallowing me in soft wet splendor. Kissing her neck while she holds my head tightly she lets out a low moan as I slowly enter her all the way filling her soft wetness with my hard erection.

Her legs pull against me as she movers her hips faster and faster grinding into me and wiggling her hot naked body against mine. Her voice soft and out of breath says over and over, “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!” I could feel her breast tight against me and her hot juices flowing down my hardness as she moaned louder and louder. Quivering and shaking she cries out as her legs wrap tightly around me and her hips push up hard against me shaking and squirming.

She moans breathlessly in my ear, “Cum inside me!” almost like she willed it the sensation builds inside me as the tingles race up my shaft and explode with pleasure in the head of my hardness as I shoot my hot juices inside her wanting pussy.

Our bodies shake as the throngs of our orgasms slowly subside and we kiss each other over the neck cheeks and lips. We roll onto our sides still joined together as I move slowly in and out of her. Kissing touching and holding we both fall quickly back to sleep.

JokedBobbyMusks 63M

5/17/2006 5:46 am

Moist...your posting intrigues me....for the lion's share of communication on this site is just as you stated, very primitive and not even remotely romantic. There is so much more than that, as you obviously know, and I assure you, you're not alone in seeking it. I only get a glimpse of your beautiful,and incredibly desirable body, but yet I still haven't seen the best part. I have to see your eyes and the secrets they reveal. See the need, the longing, the soul that searches for someone to unlock the unbridled passion buried deep within, waiting for the one with the key to arrive and open the gates of pleasure. Since the moment I first read your post, I've tried to imagine those eyes, are they blue or brown,or maybe green? Eyes can be so revealing and can express volumes without a single word being spoken. I hope that somehow, even if just for a moment, I'll get a chance to look into your eyes and see who's behind them, if not I'll aways wonder.

I vividly recall my first time, the way my heart pounded, my mind raced, the way I was totally lost in the moment. I feel some of those same feelings now as I try to express what I have to say within the confines of words, all the while hoping that words will lead to more...

longing for more in St. Augustine...

MoistDownUnder replies on 6/2/2006 7:01 am:
Allen - the eye color is brown... big doe eyes, I'm told.

Thanks for posting to my blog - you sound sweet...

rm_somdayisnow 63M
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5/19/2006 1:34 pm

Hi Moist,

I found your comments interesting. Asking for honesty? Since it does apply to more than just the men out here. I assume it applies to women as well, since your profile says you have no interest in meeting up with we men. We are all just pieces of meat on the sexual assembly line, looking to grab the attention of a few woman who can afford to be very choosey since there are so few woman and so many men. Who, while they often say they want a man with a sense of adventure, with a knack for creativity, a sense of imagination, who is willing to give as well as receive pleasure equally, willing to explore, to share, to experience new things. They always seem to choose the opposite.
I can write sweet and romantic fluff or I can write as hot, vivid and detailed sexual fiction and non fiction as any woman or man. I could point you to samples of both posted on other sites.
But honestly, what good would it do on this site. I would get attention if I said I was buff, young, and hung well enough to embarrass the average horse. Or if I said I could get it up and hard and then cum like a fire hydrant, only to do it all over again all afternoon and into the evening.
But really, my writing, my imagination, my willingness to truly share my body, my imagination, my creativity, my friendship are all are not worth anything to the majority of the women on this site. They want beef. So why do you see mostly men promoting beef ? Because that is what the woman here are buying, beef.
Promote something else and you are an unanswered tiny voice in the woods

A Tiny voice in the woods.

MoistDownUnder 48F
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6/2/2006 7:12 am

Tiny voice,

Your words ring with clarity and sadness. I have no doubt you would be a better grab for women than what's "being sold in the window". To me it seems like all the more reason to win people with your words and mind first, as that carries so much more weight in a relationship than does length and girth of your manhood. Granted, many here choose to look at things like that first, but do you really WANT to be with someone whose first priority is a big dick? I hope not.

So, tell me about this "hot, vivid and detailed sexual fiction" you feel you can write. I have to say, that was the part of your post that got my eyebrows up.

I'm waiting...

longdarksilver 43M

6/9/2006 12:00 pm

Imagine 11 hard inches, being delivered with a rhythmic beat. Now that's the true essence of passion and lust. You don't need words baby you need me!

JokedBobbyMusks 63M

6/11/2006 2:22 pm

thanks Moist...

sorry for the delay, I've been away. Thanks for your kind comments.

I got a glimpse of your eyes on your profile and you do have big doe eyes. Big, beautiful,brown,incredibly seductive doe eyes. They look just as I imagined they would and now that a camera lens has given me a peek, my heart's desire is to look deeply into them. For I know that if I could only look deep into your eyes even if just for a moment, I wouldn't need to say a single word, for they would tell me exactly what your needs are and you would know mine as well. It's perhaps ironic but if I close my eyes, I can see your eyes, in my mind's eye, but that's no longer sufficient. I want to see the beaufiul soul that lies behind those brown eyes and I want to know every inch and every emotion of the woman they belong to. I want the lips that speak for them to speak to me, and me alone. For the moment we connect, the rest of the world will become meaningless and unimportant and soon disappear. I want to know your every fantasy and I want to ride them all with you to the exotic and exciting places they may lead us to. But I can't have that yet, I can't yet feel the magic of your touch or the tenderness of your embrace, for you're not here with me yet. So here's what I must do:...chill a bottle of my favorite Far Niente Chardonnay, slip into the pool and swim until my arms are ready to fall off, then sitting on the side of the pool, try a sip of wine and close my eyes, just to see if those seductive eyes are still staring at me. When I see that they are, climb into the spa, wine and all, turn the jets on full, close my eyes and do the best I can until you really are here with me. Longing for much much much more, longing for you - Allen

tephinous 36M
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6/13/2006 6:46 pm

Moistdownunder; it would appear that you are in search of ;perhaps without better words a hopeless romantic that makes you feel important while at the same time entertaining you with his foolhardy attempts at romance. i too can admit that i have no acuired skill at romance no real skill with writing, or a poets grace at twisting strings of words and letters to fool the senses into thinking that more meaning is there than should be in the words on the computer screen or on the paper. i can tell you a storie about my first time with what i believed to be the "true love in this life and into next".

Being that i am only 25 years old this first encounter;as it may be; took place only 7 years ago. i never really dated much when i was in my adolesences, actually i never even had a girl friend till i was in high school.... which of course, is when this all takes place. i wnet to a school with a near 90 percent of preps...a prep which i was not. being that i wasnt a prep i didnt, obviously, have many friends. the select few that i chose to have as my friends though were as follows an obnoxious guy his name was mike a hispanic girl dalila was her name and a all round white girl. the first two as they might have had some influence on my decision for dating this "love of my life" as she turned out...... the real factor that played in to me having my first experience was the third....her name is christina. christina was and to my dismay isnt my best friend. christina she is such a small person even with a child in her belly she was just tiny. chris as i lovingly called her was the best thing that could have happened to a virgin. the day that started my sex life was just like anyother day chris asked me that day if i would like to "hook up" with her friend maggie. i took the number from chris without realizing the impact that the number would make on my life from that moment and on to the rest of my life. now i had never been given a phone number before never even called a girl on the phone before so obviously i was nervous. i went home that night i didnt call her that night not even that week but waited about another week after i got the number to make my move. i had worked up such courage in the face of destiny or so i thought. finally i got up the nerve to make the call when i did she had all but forgotten that she asked chris to give me the number. WOW was my heart ever so broken ever so flatened. in my dilusioned mind i thought that this girl was waiting by the phone day and night waiting for me to call. when i finally convinced her that i was supposed to call her we stayed on the phone for almost a solid day and night till morning. we talked about everything and nothing that night we got to know everything about each other. so naive was i, thinking that i could just talk myself into this persons life without some kind of expectations some kind of responsibilitys to her feelings, to her needs, to her desires and passion. i never saw it coming. my life as i knew it was over and a new person was to be born for the next chapter. we met after the next full night of sleep i got. i only had a bicycle at the time so i rode my bike over 20 miles to just get to her house or at least it seems that far on a bike. she was still in school at the time being a year younger than me. when she came home from school that first day we hooked up and got together and went to the local part to hang out and get to know each others mouth a little better. at that point i was only 17 and she 16 we were nothing ready for a serious relationship but the creator himself couldnt tell us that. we were full of passion and curiosity. now my first time having sex was at 18 but that dosent mean i didnt do other things with her which i will leave to your imagination. time is a wonderfull companion and a despised enemie. this time plays hard on a young mans emotions that has what he wants almost within his grasp. the faith full day came after a year of being serious with this girl. we were at my place (yes my place ive been independant since 15 years) we had been talking and planing what we were gonna do and when and where we had it all worked out. now she had done this before one time so it might not have been such a big deal to her as it was to me. i thought that i was gonna start at a certain time and end at a certain time. wow was i wrong it didnt have any kind of schedule like i wanted . we were sitting on the floor in front of the tv watching our favorite show just enjoying each others company and naked bodies laying there on a my comfitor from my bed. i started to get warm my body started to get a little quesey feeling my heart started going faster and faster. we were kissing i dont even remeber who started it we were just kissing laying htere it lasted what seemed like a lifetime the breath from her body just feeling like it was going into mine and warming me from the inside i was an animal feeling touching groping kissing her every place i could reach her neck kissing her side just below the area where her elbow rests my hands and fingers interlocked with hers i remember taking her cloths off very slowly not sure if it was time or if it was ok with her or not. first i took her shirt and unbuttoned it from the bottom to the top the whole time kissing her exposed body as it appeared. when finally her shirt was completly opened and her breasts were fully exposed. when i saw her wonderfull breasts just sitting there in her sexy wonderfull bra i realized my erection was at full staff i had never had such a hard one like this before. it was a wonder feeling it was aching i wanted so bad it hurt all the way to my toes i couldnt stop myself i didnt want ot stop. i just continued to kiss her exposed cleavage now she wasent a large breasted gal but she did well with small c cups. i can remember the super fine baby hairs on her chest the smell of her she had such a wonderfull smell it wasent a perfume it was just the smell of her body i loved the smell of it so intoxicating making me want her so much more. as i continued to kiss her body i slipped my shirt off as well giving her the same treat as she gave me. it was a amazing feeling having her hands on my body touching me everywhere in every space i loved every second of it her hands were so warm tot he touch and so gentel. i worked my kisses south ward as i did such she removed her pants for me to make way for my kisses. as i made my south i felt her hands in my hair such a satisfying touch i wanted more of her. i made my way to her belly button area as i did such it gave her a little tickle i could feel her legs tighten around me in antisipation. there she was laying waiting for me to take her and give her pleasure to embrace our bodies as one she wanted me and i wanted her. all that seperated our bodies was a few peices of clothing it was all over at that point i had to get out of my pants and drawers. such was what i did i seperated myself from my cloths completly and totaly naked kissing this beautiful person that was waiting for me to take her to pleasures i had never know. as i continued to kiss her she removed her panties and bra my penis still as hard as it had ever been. now this is the part where i wasent too sure about. i made my way back up from her sweet flower to the area jsut above her belly button making my kissing way to her mouth again. our lips embraced and i continued to kiss her for many minutes at which point i noticed her pulling me forward toward her sweet tresure. i felt it at the tip of my penis it was......well it was a such a hot place for me. i tried to penitrate a little wow the feeling was so hot and comforting. i eased it in farther and farther it was so hot and so wet the whole time my heart beating hard in my chest my sences so alive i heard things at that moment i had never noticed. i started to see her for more than just some girl i was dating i felt something i thought it was the fire of love burning inside me. maybe it was just lust. i didnt care at that point all i knew is that i was there with this person and we were embraced and we were enjoying each others bodies. she was kissing me putting her toung in my mouth me doing her the same favor back. the warmth she had her arms wrapped around me embracing me pulling on me in such a way that it felt like she was trying to pull me into her; note pulling sexually but trying to pull my essence into hers and being one together. the first time i had sex seemed like it had lasted for hours but much to my dismay i wasent quite the casanova i wanted to be. or so i thought i wasent aparrently it ment as much to her as it did to me and the fact that i didnt have any experience dosent matter. i still to this day regret she and i breaking up. i think about her much more than i think i should but that was in the past and i have grown much since that day. i dont know if this is what you were looking for in your search for the holy grail or not but maybe you can learn and see that we havent forgotten that passion but the passion is just something that our sences have been dulled to over time. i try not to forget that day for the life of me and live my life as well as i can. my wife dosent see life the same as i do and dosent strive for more than what she has. that i think is the reason we have the problems. not because of her but because i am alwasy trying to keep light of life and reality. i hope everyone enjoyed my little part of life and it can help bring light to some ppls lifes as well


rm_ntalares 53M/53F
1 post
7/14/2006 11:07 pm

wow, moist ... that last guy was porno's james joyce ... you may have inadvertantly become the pornography muse ... neat!

(happy sigh) ... if there is something more delightful than a blog ... then puh-leeeease tell me what it is ... (i've never visited an adult blog and certainly never posted to one ... and am left wondering what my dog will think of me now ...)

i remember the first time (of course, now that i have reached the dreaded age of ... well ... honestly i have lied so much about my age ... i lose track .. sometimes i say i am in my 60's so because i look GREAT for 64 ... anyway ... it was a couple of years {decades} ago ... so perhaps i lack clarity ... but certainly the sticky feel of that vinyl on the front seat is clear ... clear as sweat ..)

i was 17 and skinny and beautiful and in love with the whole world (like now, in a slightly curvier model) and he was a boy i had known since first grade .. he was a football player ...

we were at the beach after the football game and his lips tasted like angelfood cake. we kissed (like only teenagers can kiss ... you never really get it right after you turn 20, do you?) and he coaxed my shirt of .. and then my bra ..

i remember how his tongue felt over my nipples, on friday nights (the night i was allowed to stay out late) after he dropped me off at home, i used to touch my breats and nipples the way he did ... but it never felt as good ...

and the way his razor stubble felt against my chest, a "lick your lips" sort of rough and smooth ...

through his pants i felt (what i assumed was) his penis against my knees and then my thighs. it made me giggle, a hard cock still makes me giggle, but now my mouth waters in a meaningful manner ... then it just made me giggle and wet my lips and kiss him harder.

i can't recall how he finally coaxed my trousers off of me .. he was a sweet, kind boy ... i usually didn't let him "get very far" ... but that night ...

there were a million stars in the sky and the wind was soft and warm ...

and he touched me between my legs with his fingers ... it was awkward, but electric, and he had kindly wet his fingers first. his hand slid across my thighs and remember how it felt to whimper without intending to .. my left nipple was between his lips and all of the sudden i wanted him ... had to have him ... wanted something inside of me.

suddenly his pants were off (boys seem to keep the knack for stealth pants removal well into middle age)and his penis was touching me between my legs. months of necking, and kissing ... unbuttoning and teasing washed over me like water ... i looked out at the crazy little shore birds running back and forth, back and forth between the surf and sand ...

i spread my legs and invited him with my hips to come inside ...

and then i was an hour and a half late for my curfew

florida_tim_386 43M

4/2/2007 10:55 am

"I'd sure like to squeeze those tits" or "I'd pull your clothes off and lick your pussy and make you cum!"

Either one is just fine with me. Eh? Errrrr... I mean "Yeah, Baby".

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