Losing Friends  

MoJo32565 48M/33F
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5/3/2006 10:00 pm
Losing Friends

I found out about James dying about six months after the fact (he was killed in a car accident on October 16, 2004). I was back here then, had been back for two months, but nobody bothered to let me know about it so I missed the funeral and everything. I just found out that he wasn't the only one in the car. The boy I was madly in love with when he was a senior and I was in ninth grade was also killed. Would have thought that Cox would have mentioned Ben when he told me about James. Or that somebody would have told me something.

I hadn't seen Ben since he graduated in 1999. I had thought about him some, and he asked mutual friends about me, but it wasn't like I was still infatuated with him. I grew up and moved on. But recently I have wondered a little more about him, just wondering what he looks like now and wondering what he was doing. I expected to see him sometime since I was back and you can't hide in Jay. I just can't believe that he's really gone and it hurts more that I didn't know about it until a year and a half afterwards. Harder to come to terms with, harder to accept. And it's also hard because of his age. James was 19 and Ben was 22. They had their whole lives in front of them.

I wonder about some other people I went to school with. I know that at least one of them was sick and not expected to even make it to graduation but she did. Is she still alive? How about the ones that I haven't seen or heard about since then?

rm_pee4me69 67M
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5/16/2006 4:56 am

The likelyhood of these experiences grows as we live more years. Sad fact of life. All the more reason to try and operate with a clean slate, living each day as though it were near the last. But yes, it seems more tragic when the Grim Reeper takes our young.

A couple of years after I had quit a teaching job, one of the graduates from that school came to visit. A mutual interest was clear. We'd hardly begun to consider exploring the future together, when she was swept away by a car speeding through a red light. Me about 28, and she was then 21 I think. A straight A student with everything ahead of her, ... for a horribly short time. One can wonder why, but there is no reason. Other friends I have lost to wars and illness. You just have to move on my friend.

A warm hug from me.

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