Time Flys  

MnA37 55M/56F
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4/23/2006 1:29 pm
Time Flys

Boy 2006 is flying. We have been travelling a bit over the weekends lately and have had a ball. Its amazing what a change of scene does for the sex life - and ours is pretty good as it is. But there is something about being away in a hotel on your own that really lets things loose!

We had a couple of trips to Williamsburg to play golf. One with the kids and one on our own. Its a nice place for a relaxed visit. Very little nightlife (at least that we found) but a pretty cool place to visit. When the weather gets a little warmer there is a Nudist park there that we plan to visit. We looked for some adult clubs but their party dates were not when we were in town. Maybe on the next trip.

Its cooler here in MA today - cool enough to jump in the hot tub which is what we plan to do now - late on a Sunday afternoon. We had a good webcam session on here (AdultFriendFinder) last night so we are a little sore. Over 500 viewers. What a buzz it would be to be with even 10% of that number in the same room. Wow. Sure makes the time fly!!


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