Black boys are so yummy, mocha mouse hot fudge, licorice lips like candy, my chocolate-flavored love  

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2/2/2006 9:07 pm

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Black boys are so yummy, mocha mouse hot fudge, licorice lips like candy, my chocolate-flavored love

The best time I ever came was thanks to a fine, smooth, black man with a 9 inch tool. I loved his full soft lips and his smooth bald head. He'd come to my going away party and we had partaken in some jungle juice. I was very drunk and pretty much falling asleep with my head in his lap and telling him how good he smelled. At this point, we were still in my friend's living room with all of the other party people. His name was Hugh.

He was so hot, beautiful eyes, great bod. He scooped me up in his big juicy arms and carried me to his caddy. He put me in the front seat and kissed me so hard and good. My pussy woke up immediately and started to get moist. I told him to drive somewhere else so the partiers wouldn't see us, and so's we wouldn't be in my buddy's front yard.

He parked right in front of some apartments and turned off the engine before climbing between my legs and sucking on my nipples through my shirt and bra. I moan and I'm loud and drunk, telling him how hot he is. He alternated between my lips and my nips while he pulled off my shirt and bra, and I removed his shirt. Mmm, mmm, he was so smooth and fine. After sucking real hard on my nipples, he started to try to get my whole tit in his mouth. I watched him sucking and my pussy got wetter and wetter.

I could feel how big and hard his cock was against my skin and he started rubbing my clit through my panties. I exhaled audibly as he slid one finger in my my tight, hot, hole. He traced all around the outside, feeling me out before sneaking in a second finger, his fingers were so big. I couldn't wait for his cock.

I was already shivering with excitement and shaking, his fingers in my pussy, and his tongue on my nipple. He looked up and asked me "What do you want to do?" I laughed and replied, "I want you to make me cum and then fuck me." I reached down and grabbed his dick firmly and sighed, "Oh my god!" It was huge. "You'll have to be careful with that," I told him. I was 18 and practically a virgin.

He ran his tongue from my chest to my bellybutton, then down to my clit. I moaned and wriggled while he slid his tongue back and forth across my clit. I wanted to fuck him so bad already. I couldn't hardly take it. He took his fingers out of me and made me beg for them. He finger fucked me harder and harder until he finally shoved his tongue deep into my pussy. It felt so thick and warm. I screamed and squirmed and he told me to come. I gyrated on his face and my pussy ached for his cock. "Yeah, girl, come all over my tongue, I want to taste it," he says. I told him how fucking hot he was and how bad I wanted that big throbbing dick in me right now. His thumb took care of fulfilling my clit while he licked my hole so good. I started to scream and squirt all over his face and he flicked his tongue all over inside me to eat it all up.

I then pulled him up to me and kissed him so good, and he swirled his tongue on mine as I took his belt off of him and he shimmied out of his pants. I took his big cock out and couldn't believe the size of it. I'd never had one like that, and I still haven't since, but I knew it was gonna be good. I licked the head and he moaned, so I took it all in my mouth and sucked it just until it was good and wet, I couldn't resist him for one more second.

"Fuck me now," I demanded, and he obeyed, first teasing me, rubbing the head of his dick all around my pussy and over my clit until I grabbed him and pulled him into me. Oh my god, it was something else. I felt so good and full. I gasped and he started pumping in and out of my pussy so slowly. He bent down to kiss my nipples and suck on my tits as he thrusted. I rubbed his bald head and he fucked me deeper and deeper. It was incredible. My pussy was so hot for him. I was still drunk and moaning.

He then flipped me over and slid his cock into me from behind, I almost came all over him again, and I started to scream and pant. Oh my god, was it good! He fingered my clit from behind and squeezed my nipples. I told him to fuck me faster and he started to pound his big hunk of meat into me harder and deeper. "I'm gonna cum," he told me, and I felt my pussy well up around him. He flipped me back over again and fucked me so hard and good and I screamed and bit his chest until I could feel his cock throbbing inside of me. I came so hard on him, my hole was still thumping. He collapsed beside me for a few minutes and kissed me until I was mobile again. We got dressed and he drove me home. Thanks, Hugh.

MmmnTasty19901 33F
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2/9/2006 9:41 pm

Mmm...guacamole! Thank you very much for your compliments. I wouldn't mind making money at what gets me off. I wonder how I would apply for that sort of career.

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