HOW and most importantly, WHY?!?  

Mistress_Nessa 41F
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7/5/2006 1:22 am

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HOW and most importantly, WHY?!?

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Is it possible to be in harmony with someone who drives you completely up the wall??

And I don't mean in a good way, I mean, someone that, everything they do, just really pisses you off, every little detail about them, really gets on your nerves to the point that you want to knock them upside the head and beat them until they're unconscious, but you don't, because you know that just watching them laying on the floor, probably bleeding on your carpet will make you want to kill them, and even then, you'll just get more pissed because the chicken shit fucker could "not take what's coming to them" and you'd perform CPR just to bring them back so you can kill them again, but not before they clean the mess they made!

And yet... They hold a special part of your heart... No, you're not in love with them, but it's like a part of you, that you can't quite do without, and that reminds you that without this person in your life, without their friendship, you'd be lost?

Am I scaring you yet?

~ Nessa ~

ohcurious14 60M  
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7/5/2006 4:20 am

Nessa, I have the luxury of knowing what you are talking about. You probably will not like my answer, but in simplest terms, you have lost control of the situation.

It is time for you to lay down the law and enforce it.

Your time is now, so regain the control that is your's.

Ohcurious14---Aimlessly wandering & curious!!!

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