Who we are...  

MistressDitaVonT 37M/35F
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6/15/2006 5:11 am
Who we are...

We are new to this site. We both are looking around for people that might be into trying new things out. Someone with experience is great but really if you didn't have that much experience niether do we.
Right now my fiance is in Oregon but I am here in California finishing up school then I will join my Honey in Oregon. So we are thinking about looking on here to maybe spice up our sex life. We are just very open with one another and he has a desire for me to interact with another woman while he watches. I am really all for it. I ahve been with woman before so I wouldn't be scared or worried. Besides I know how to get my self off I am sure getting another woman off isn't that hard since I got plenty of practice.
My fiance and I have been together for a while and we are set to marry in June of 2007 so we plan on getting into our adventurous side even into our marriage.
If you think you might be into sharing something new with two new comers to the game let us know. Oh I am also into more bondage type roll playing. I have a few little toys that I can have used on me or get used on you.
Ps. this name is in honor of one of my fav. burlesque Queens Miss Dita VonTeese. So my style ranges from Rocker chick to Pin Up girl. He is more into the Rocker type style and I think he looks sexy as hell when he is dressed up.

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