One day you'll learn .....  

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5/6/2006 10:04 pm

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One day you'll learn .....

Wednesday, May 3rd, 2006
3:17 pm

OOOOOOH how I despise religious fuckwits. It's the same old story time after time, they're not creative enough to think of something new. "O, but Mistress, I just needed one LAST SIN to purge it from me forever and then I'm going back to God", followed by a long disertation on how MY life needs improving. Are you fucking kidding Me? Aren't you the same freakyfreak that just scrubbed your bathroom in the nude for Me? With your 80's stylish window treatment around your shower? How about that faggoty toilet seat cover (matching baby blue of course!) that you probably sit on naked to have the naughty feeling of the little fuzzies up your wittle ass? Aren't you the same little turd that JUST blew bubbles in your own cum on camera for Me after I told you what a loser you were while you panted hard and shot your wad??? Sell THAT horseshit to someone else, sister. It's fucking pathetic, and besides, it doesn't work. You'll be back when you find out that no fire and brimstone will ever be as mean to you as I will; as you NEED it to be. And stop with the apologetic emails .... I don't pass out absolution.

The majority of you little piggies have been behaving yourselves very well. SO well in fact, that I've decided to resume everybody's phone privleges. As before, you may now have the fullfilling reward of hearing your Mistress's voice while I tell you what a dirty little loser cumhole you are. Your enjoyment of my company on the phone will cost you a measely $2.50 per minute, paid in advance. Go sign up for your PayPal account while you're sober and coherent because otherwise you'll fuck it up when you're drunk or trying to type with one hand. Then send it on over before you call and I'll verify it before I talk to you. The number is 850-200-5350. I will NOT answer it unless I see that you've made a payment to me already online and let me know what number you're calling from. NO EXCEPTIONS. If I don't answer, too bad. Try again later. Don't leave me a voicemail to call you back unless you've ALREADY made the payment!! And of course, MOST IMPORTANTLY, the very first words out of your mouth had better be "My most perfect Mistress, this is (whatever your fucking name is), I've made a payment of _ dollars, PLEEEEEAASE grace this pathetic loser with Your Divine Voice".

Check back later .... sexycocktart's going to post her report on how her first night out as a working girl turned out. She's going to be washing and ironing the cum-stained dollars before she DARES put them in the mail to Me....

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