Miss will have a website!! New assignment!!!  

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5/6/2006 10:03 pm
Miss will have a website!! New assignment!!!

Tuesday, May 2nd, 2006
6:55 am

I am sooooo excited!! webmaster C is creating a DELICIOUS website to provide you better access to your Mistress! SO, everybody's next assignment is to send Me stuff to put on it! You all know how much you like for Me to acknowledge the ways you honor Miss -- here's your chance. Send Me poems, love notes, pictures ANYTHING to show Me your devotion. The more specific you can make it to honor Me, the better! Send it to My email mistressdevlynne at cox dot net and BE SURE to include your submissive plea for Me to use it. ANYTHING THAT YOU SEND FROM THIS POINT ON BECOMES MINE TO USE OR ALTER IN ANY WAY THAT I SEE FIT. Be ABSOLUTELY sure to put some sort of groveling in there begging Me to use it and take it as My own, just like I have done with your pathetic and whorish little bodies. GET TO WORK, GIRLFUCKS. MAKE ME PROUD.

Yesterday was a very good day. In additon to finding a fab webpage designer, Miss scored some new presents off of a few of you. nabi, who has been a reluctant slave, fingered his ass and begged Miss pitifully not to torture him any further .... ha! I set his bail at $5000 and he bought Me a DVD from my Amazon wishlist instead. KEEP IT COMING, LITTLE PIGGY. MPslave SAYS he bought Me a delectable new sex toy for allowing him to squirt out of his little thingy after he trained himself to take a bigger anal plug. He doesn't get to cum again until it arrives!! sissyrob you owe me $100 !!! Do not even THINK of trying to talk to me again until it gets here!! And little girlfuck whoreish worthless piece of crap obssessedseth better get with the program and get Me the $225 you owe me through paypal or else I'M NEVER TALKING TO YOU AGAIN. EVER!!!

sexycocktart has taken on an assignment to prove her worthless slut status of being owned by Me. She's going to a gay bar tonight and finding two of the most pathetic ugly desperate losers there and BEGGING to suck them dry. Then she has to beg them for a shameful cash handout to wash and iron to mail to Me, for fear that I won't allow her to serve me any longer. She's been ordered to lick their knobs till they shine and give Me a full report. We'll see how she does.

Get those pictures in! Dress up fetchingly and bow down to My name and degrade yourselves for my amusement!!


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