Well, it's been a good weekend!  

MisterNiceGuy312 56M
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6/6/2006 10:46 am
Well, it's been a good weekend!

from my travels on AdultFriendFinder, I have made a couple new friends!

I hooked up with two nice women this weekend, one for good sex, and one for a real date (you know, single gal, looking for romance, took her out to dinner and a movie).

I had a great time, AdultFriendFinder has been great for me so far.

I suppose I am going to see the single gal tomorrow night again. Second date, =)

Still looking for more women to date, so if you ladies are looking for a man for something "other than marriage" then drop me a note.

Until I find a full time, long term style relationship with one woman, I will still be dating a bit, meeting new women, making new friends.

Okay, back to work.....


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