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row 7... seat 3A

...."No, it's not just a phase... " muttering as I made my way down the almost dark sidewalk. "NO, it isn't a mid-age crisis, either!" was my last response as I cut off his replies in midstream. Tossing the cell phone into my shoulder bag, I almost stumbled over the crack in the sidewalk. Maneuvering between small groups of college kids who loitered in this neighborhood, I was glancing up periodically. Searching for the dimly lit old shop tucked into a trendy city square of unusual shops hiding curios, jewelry, and bohemian clothing.

Following the outer edge of the sidewalk, I was more able to clearly see the blinking blue neon light with the name, Crazy J's Tattoo Parlor, which was screaming at me from across the street corner.

The old heavy glass door was cool to my touch, as I pushed into it, entering another realm. Glass cases separated the long room into two sections. Soft strains of older rock penetrated into me, relaxing me into a slower state of mind as I glanced into their depths, my eyesight growing accustomed to the low lighting.

Blue was a reoccurring theme in the establishment, as I noted the blue lighting within the glass cases. Blue, silver and white business cards were set to the side of the top of the shelving. Silver jewelry, mostly studs and hoops were carefully arranged for inspection. Large stands with thousands of tattoos by this local artist were available for clientele to flip through at their leisure.

I noted the quality and quantity of persons already inside, along with a grouping of people to the far left. The deep leather couches formed a large grouping in the far corner where a television showing adult cartoons flickered endlessly casting the only multicolored lighting inside of this place. Several men and one single female were comfortably amusing themselves, apparently waiting for either their turn or perhaps for their friends to return from one of the back rooms.

A chain hung across the only entrance into the back that was carefully guarded by a quite heavily muscled young man whose body had become a living canvas of his mind's inner musings. Piercing adorned his face in a fantastic array of possibilities. It truly made a person wonder what else was pierced below the clothing.

to be continued.....

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