Glimpses.... Row 23... Seat 4B.. continued.. Part VII  

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Glimpses.... Row 23... Seat 4B.. continued.. Part VII

My mouth slid an inch further down his hard throbbing shaft. Convinced I wasn't going to choke, I attempted to swallow a bit more of him until my mouth was against our hands. Joel began to move my hand along with his, slowly jacking his hard tool while my mouth remained motionless. "Now you do it", commanded Joel.

With my lips wrapped around him, I began to slide my hand back and forth just as Joel had taught me. I let my mouth follow the same rhythm. I could feel him stiffen in my mouth and was almost certain that I felt him swelling a bit more. I began to slide my lips back off of him when he caught the back of my head in his large hand. "Did I say you were through?", he asked with venom in his voice. As I shook my head no the head of his cock accidental came out of my mouth. Joel's hands tangled in my hair on either side behind my ears and gently pushed my mouth back down onto his hard cock. I actually gagged when he pushed me a bit too far, bringing tears to my eyes. A warm flush of saliva invaded my mouth and as I tried to swallow the excess, Joel reacted by arching his hips up toward me.

I felt hands on my lower back and realized that Jim was trying to ease the pink panties off of me by tugging them downward. I tried to shift my weight to make it more difficult for him. Joel pulled my mouth away and off of him entirely. I wondered what I had done wrong.

Jim was manipulating my body in a silent effort with Joel to try to position me so that I was lying between them. My legs were still tangled in the jeans and Joel pulled my ankles free, holding each ankle firmly in his hands. He positioned himself so that he was slightly between my lower legs with my head lying practically in Jim's lap.

"You are far too good at this, I know you have done this before...." Joel remarked, as he slowly rolled the pink panties down my hips and down my thighs. I realized just how much trouble I was truly in when I saw him position himself between my knees and lower himself down upon me. His hands were holding him up and away from me at my shoulders as he rubbed his hard cock against the already wet slit of my pussy.

Jim was once again there, to make absolutely sure that I wouldn't try to wiggle free. He had taken his own prick out of his jeans and was attempting to rub it across my lips in a mimic of what he had witnessed Joel experiencing earlier.

I felt the head of his cock begin to slip into me and I closed my eyes tightly and quietly begged him to stop with a single word..."Noooooo..." Joel slid deeply into me and he was so much larger than anything I had ever felt before. Several strokes of his cock into me and I tried to raise my knees a bit, I was so uncomfortable. Joel took this as acceptance and slid his large hands underneath my butt, grasping me tightly and as he laid fully onto me, I could feel him riding me deeply. Once again a traitor arose in me and a warm flush began to take over my body. I found myself mirroring his paces, following his every move.

I was very confused when Joel suddenly slid out of me. I was even more confused when he tried to slide back into me and missed entirely. His hard cock against my tight ass and he managed to slide in on the first stroke. The pain was immense and as I cried out, Joel placed his hand over my mouth and continued. Slamming into me harder with every thrust.

.. to be continued...

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