Glimpses.... Row 23... Seat 4B.. continued.. Part VI  

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Glimpses.... Row 23... Seat 4B.. continued.. Part VI

Looking at him with a mixture of amazement, fear and curiosity, I could feel the moments slowly passing. His stare into my face was intense. His breathing was even. Joel was steadying the base of his cock with his right hand, his left was on me. "Come here to me." He murmured to me soft and easy, "Come here and show me what that pretty little mouth of yours can do."

Joel's voice was amazing. I realized he was orchestrating this entire scenario for his pleasure alone. His hand on my shoulder pulled me a bit closer into him. Once again he began to gain my surrender by talking in a low tone to me, close to my ear, almost a whisper.... "I want to know what your tongue feels like, your hot mouth. I want you to lick me, long and slow."

I slowly eased downward, perhaps in wonderment as well as fear. I had never really paid that much attention to any man before. The boys that I had practiced my young female wares on had never taken me to such an extreme. Simply put, I had never had anyone's cock in my mouth before.

My hand reached out to replace his. I assumed that he was showing me how I was to handle him. Joel was intently watching me. The sudden intake of his breath told me I was perhaps doing something right, as I slowly felt how the skin within my grasp slid easily. Unsure if I was doing anything at all right, I looked up at him several times for reassurance.

Joel's hand reached out to me, stroking my hair down the back of my head to my neck. He gently pulled me closer to him. Tentatively, I kissed the rounded swollen head of his cock. Several more times, my lips made contact with the tip.

"Like this..", Joel instructed, pulling my head to a still position right above the shaft he steadied with his hand over mine. He began to rub the head of his cock against my lips, back and forth. He deliberately rubbed hard enough to pull my bottom lip a bit back. Using the soft slick inner lip against the swollen head.

"Open your mouth like you are going to french kiss my dick...", he told me. I complied by trying to kiss the head with slightly opened mouth. The small 'o' that I formed with my mouth was pushed open by the larger head of his cock. The taste surprised me. I breathed deeply, inhaling the scent of Joel. Suddenly, I realized how consuming the act was, and I closed my eyes. Depriving myself of vision, made me that much aware of every sensation I was feeling.

The slightly salty taste was mingled another taste I couldn't define. The smooth skin of his cock in my mouth was actually not bad at all, and i experimented by licking him as i held just the head within my mouth.

"Deeper...", was the only instruction coming from Joel, as he pulled my head down gently. "Take me deeper into your mouth a little bit at a time."

.... to be continued..

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