Glimpses.... Row 23... Seat 4B.. continued.. Part II  

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1/20/2006 10:10 pm

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Glimpses.... Row 23... Seat 4B.. continued.. Part II

With this thigh pressed against mine, his hand climbed effortlessly along my ribcage. His fingers running the border of my bra line.

Skirting the edge, his fingers found their way up the front of of my pink bra,inspecting the junction between my firm, rounded breasts. There his index finger lingered, tracing imaginary patterns across the swell of each breast, leaving me with a steadily hammering heart rate.

Attempting to play by his rules, i inched my fingertips upward along his thigh, coming ever so close to finishing the task of arousing him completely.

One hand firmly holding my jawline.. he kisses me passionately and surprises me. Surprises me by pushing me backward, ever so slightly upon his friend sitting next to us. A bit put off, i attempted to right myself, only to find that i was being maneuvered that direction purposely.

The mid-day sun streaming through the window of the car, flashed the steel of the knife that was back in his hand.

Suddenly alarmed, and slightly amused ....

to be continued

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