What the hell am I doing?  

MississipMan1976 41M
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3/20/2006 11:03 am
What the hell am I doing?

I'm married, quite happily by most methods of measurement, so what the hell am I doing on AdultFriendFinder? Well, let me just be honest with you: I'm horny as hell. There are probably quite a few members who can't stand the 'attached' hanging out on AdultFriendFinder, but really - I'm just like you. The only problem is that I married a young, vivacious, sexy girl that has turned into a young, religious, sexual prude. She's still a wonderful person, but we're not seeing eye to eye on the 'sex thing' any longer. Yes, I've tried talking about it, but it may only change things for a couple of weeks. Should it be my responsibility to have 'a talk' twice a month? No. That gets old. So, here I am - trudging through all the spam emails asking me to view their webcams and the couples only looking for females. Hell, I may not find what I want here, but it's at least interesting.

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