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8/24/2006 1:54 pm
San Fransisco

The hotel room over looks the bay. The water is a deep shade of blue, like your eyes. You're on my mind this evening. I take a moment to send you an IM, but there's no response. I'm sitting in front of my computer with intentions of finishing up my work, when other thoughts cross my mind. The thought of pleasuring myself and telling you what it feels like. I am sitting Indian style with a black tank top and my leopard print bikini panties on. I am not wearing a bra so you can see my erect nipples through my shirt. I touch them, teasing them through the fabric, it feels good, and it awakens the nerves that have been resting in my pelvic region. My body tells me it's hungry for more than just nipple caressing. My fingertips gently run down my stomach; it tickles but excites me. My fingers find their way under my bikinis, where I find the soft skin of a recently waxed mons. My mind wants to send my fingers to find my clit, but my hand is stronger and brings my fingers to my knee and back up the inside of my thigh continuing across my clit making me gasp with the pleasure - I then continue down the other thigh and then back up. This time I pause at my clit brushing gently. Mmmmmmmm, the sensation makes me delirious. I spread my fingers; starting at the top, I follow my slit down where my moisture had begun to puddle. I can feel the juices starting to lubricate my pussy, and want to plunge my fingers deep inside but I force myself to wait. I remove my panties so that I can explore my pussy easier. I lay flat on my back in a comfortable spot with my legs spread eagle. I caress a tit, and it quickly becomes erect, I continue to tweak, roll and pull on it! I close my eyes and imagine that its you sucking and biting my nipple My right hand fingers press down and make circles around my kitty, Mmmmm it feels so good....the part that feels the best is when the pressure of my fingers reaches the end of my slit. I just can't wait any longer. I have to get my fingers wet and feel the warmth. My fingers are cold when I insert them, that’s a bonus pleasure. I insert my index and middle finger, and feel as my pussy resists and then gives and contorts to my fingers. I'm inside! Wet and warm, smooth yet bumpy is how it feels; pleasure as I push and pull my fingers in and out of my pussy. I move slowly at first giving myself time to adjust and enjoy this moment. My fingers quickly become covered with my own slick, sticky pussy juice. I remove my fingers and find my clit... oh yes... I enjoy my wet fingers on my clit as I pull my lips back giving my fingers more room to taunt and tease my swollen clit. I can't take too much of this and put pressure on that special spot. Pressure, and fast circles brings me to my first orgasm. But I'm not ready to be done, so I swiftly re-adjust those two fingers back into my even wetter and hotter pussy. I move my fingers in and out of my pussy rapidly. I find my hard clit again; it's so sensitive from the previous playing.
In the background I hear a groan, or a moan... It's me, my moans became louder and my back arched so that I could move my hips to meet the thrusts of my wet fingers. Ohh, baby, my pussy's so wet that I can hear the juices as I enter and exit. I can feel the pressure building. I lift my hips as far forward as they can go, put extra pressure on my clit, oh yes I am ready, my muscles begin to constrict around my fingers and then relax, I can feel the juices flowing, my quiet moans turn into continuous loud outbursts. Yesssssss......I moan loud as I reach my plateau! My pussy is so damn wet! My nipples so hard and the sucking noises coming from my pussy as I finger fuck myself, and wish it was you. My fingers slide out once and for all I just have to lay there for a moment catch my breath and let the weakness pass. The blood rushes back to my head from my pelvic region and I hope not only have I painted a picture but maybe even etched it into the easel of your mind. We haven't met yet, perhaps we will...perhaps we won’t.

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