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5/17/2006 7:27 pm

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As promised

As promised, I am adding to my blog. I apologize for there being such a lag time between entries. School and work have been rather busy and I have had very little time for much else other than checking an email here and there. I wanted to write something that took more than a few minutes to write so I decided to wait until I had time to do it justice.

For those who are counting…1 year, 5 months, and 25 days. I was actually asked what that meant. Does that mean just sex, oral, touching, what does that count stand for? It does not count for “making out” as I have had that pleasure since then. The “make out” was R rated. There was some nudity involved however it was from the waist up. No other fluids, other than saliva, were released though there was some through the clothes molestation. That is all that has happened since then. However, I will continue that count until something worth ending it happens. I can’t say what will constitute that. Be it full on sex, oral, or “other” that will make me happy enough to end the count. I hope that explanation will suffice.

I wanted to share some of my theories on men, maybe a few on women too. Because there are people who actually read these blogs, I would love feed back. Before I share my thoughts, I wanted to explain why I am sharing and desiring feed back. My experiences with men have been rather few and a negative in the long run. I have only been in one adult relationship. I have only been with two men sexually and one of those two includes oral only, no full sex. Trust me, I’m no virgin. I was with my ex more times than I can even start to count. The last time I saw him (remember that count) we were like rabbit even though we had been broken up for a year at that point. The problem is that though the sex with him was good, sometimes great, there are other issues I have. He hated to cuddle and pretty much didn’t want to be touched after. Looking back, he was rather selfish. I don’t mean to speak poorly of his abilities. That was not the problem. The issue is he rarely went above and beyond to please me. Okay, now that all of that is out in the open I can move on to my theory.

There are two types of men. There are men who want what they want and when they receive it, they are done. This happened to a co-worker of mine with a man on this very site this past weekend. They went on two dates, had sex on the second, and though he had called her multiple times a day prior, he has not called her since. The other type of man would like to do all the work to get a woman in bed and then continue to sleep with her because she has given it up and will most likely give it up again. This was the case of my ex. He knew I would sleep with him so he continued coming back to get it after he broke off our relationship. It was poor judgment, for many reasons, on my part. However, I loved and trusted him. I’m sure that this second kind of man finds some women he enjoys enough to marry or at least settle down with.

There are two types of women. The women who put up with man A and the women who put up with man B. Man B is more acceptable to me, more what I’m interested in.

My question is this are there others? Is there a man C or D? Are there men whose sole purpose in life is not to fuck everything that walks whether it takes a little work or a lot of work? Please don’t get me wrong, I love sex. It is so wonderfully human, natural, and reminds you that you are alive. In a world where death consumes us most of the time, sex is the best way to remember you are an amazing creature. However, I would like to talk, watch movies, and just be together. Can we cuddle without you humping my leg? Can we cuddle with me humping your leg? I admit when I am attracted to someone my sexual appetite is higher than yours. I grantee you this. My ex was 22 years old when we met. He was in great shape, worked out daily, later joined the Navy and was in even better shape. He could rarely keep up with me. But, do you see how jaded my view is because of only knowing him in this way.

It is hard not to think that all men hate to cuddle, men are selfish, and no man can keep up with me. Yet, I know this isn’t true.

I have rambled on for longer than necessary and probably succeeded only in making myself look naive. Please comment and fill me in oh wise members!

SirMounts 103M

6/3/2006 3:19 am

Welcome to blogging, MissSarah. *smiling*

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