Pedestrian Rage  

MissAnnThrope 57F
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1/23/2006 9:28 am

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Pedestrian Rage

Once upon a time, Times Square and 42nd Street were considered "the strip." Upstanding decent moral folks wouldn't be caught dead there. How fitting that those Liberals at the NY Times were headquartered there. All those peep shows, adult theaters, pimps, hookers, drug dealers, kids cutting school, hanging in the arcade, all the discount stores that had been going out of business since the 50s... Yes, all those things existed, but they were low key, more or less. The pimps and hookers knew who was looking and left everyone else alone, for the most part. The same goes for the drug dealers. The dealers were far more blatant in the area of the Lower East Side that's been redubbed as the East Village. They wouldn't leave you alone. In Times Square, they knew who to approach or not approach. The area had a character all of its own. But the most important factor, you could walk down the street.

These days, with the new family friendly Times Square and 42nd Street, you have nothing but mall chains, chain restaurants, more street vendors than you can shake a stick at and at any given time, thousands of clueless people.

It's become impossible to walk down the street. You get to crawl down the street, at a snail's pace. You're even lucky if you get to cross the street on one light, as a pedestrian. Why? Because all these people are so fucking clueless.

Yes, I'm thrilled you've decided to swallow your fear of terrorists and visit NYC on your vacation. But let's follow a few simple rules...

1. You are on an incredibly congested sidewalk, that sees some of the heaviest foot traffic of anywhere in the world. If you are going to stop dead, move to the side. Get out of the way of other people. Show some common courtesy. If a New Yorker came to your small Midwestern town and acted the way you did, you would call them rude and ignorant. Yes, I know you want that picture of your family in front of the landmark and you want to get the full landmark and your family in the shot. But this is NO EXCUSE for stopping dead in the middle of a sidewalk and spreading out in such a way that the people walking behind you bump into you and can't get around you. Get out of the way of foot traffic.

2. Do NOT stop dead in the middle of an intersection. Have you noticed that Broadway is named for the width of the street? It is a wide street and I would like to be able to cross it, without being run over after because you're too stupid to not stand in the middle of the street looking around and trying to get your bearings. You can do that from the sidewalk on the other side. So what if you have to wait for another light to cross back. I don't feel like getting run over because your mother did drugs while she was pregnant with you and didn't have the sense to have an abortion. If you want to get run down by a NYC bus driver, be my guest. But you're not taking me out with you.

3. If you have children under a certain age, do NOT push their strollers and let them walk along side. Are you fucking stupid? Yes, I realize most children are abducted from more rural areas. However, with the throngs of people visiting that area, it is in your best interest to at least hold your child's hand, instead of screaming at your four year olds that they're not walking fast enough. Use some fucking common sense. Not that you have any, as you're out, forcing your way too young child to try to keep up on a busy city street at midnight. Your child should be in bed at that hour. Next time, stay at a hotel that has a baby sitting service, if you want to go out late at night. Just because the Toys R Us there is open until midnight, it doesn't mean your kids need to be there that late. Besides, that Toys R Us isn't all that good and is a wannabe FAO Schwartz.

4. This rule is also for New Yorkers, even though I think it's people from out of town that use these theaters... Do not rush out of the Loews or AMC movie theaters, pissed off at the ticket clerk who just told you that the showtime for your movie and the time you want to watch it do not mesh. Yes, I know you want to look at the big board on the side of the building for show times, or to see if there's anything you want to see that's showing now. But consider the fact this is a busy sidewalk. It isn't the fault of the pedestrians who are TRYING TO WALK that you're stupid and couldn't bother using MovieFone or even looking in the paper before you head out for a movie. You also don't have to stand right smack dab in the middle of the sidewalk to check the board. This is not your suburban multiplex, where everyone who approaches is there to enter the theater. Some of us are trying to walk a block to the subway and would like to be able to do so in under half an hour.

5. Stop fake coughing at me because you're a militant non-smoker. I am outside. You are in a city where if you jog around the lake in Central Park once, you're inhaling more carbon monoxide than in two packs of cigarettes. Do not scream at me about the harmful emissions from a cigarette when you're in one of the most polluted parts of the city and the smell of automotive exhausts is the aroma of the air. If you're so concerned about your lungs, you shouldn't be in a city at all, but someplace pristine and untouched by humans. And why are the loudest complainers people who smell like they fell head first into a vat of cheap cologne or aftershave? I'm not complaining about your bad choices in fragrance. Don't bitch at me because you got a whiff of tobacco smoke. I'm amazed you people can smell anything but yourselves to begin with.

6. Yes, you will have to walk a block or two out of your way. However, there is an elevator down to the subway in Times Square. Honest there is. An elevator is a hell of a lot safer when you have your baby in a stroller than an escalator. Trust me when I say that escalator accidents with strollers where injuries occur are far more common than you think. If you want to be rid of your baby, give it up for adoption. Unless of course, you're going to try to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the MTA even though you were the one who was wrong.

7. I know how everyone wants to believe they're an individual, no matter how brainwashed into conformity they are. But sometimes, doing things that are called common is a good thing. I am talking about common courtesy for the people around you and exercising some common sense.

Now, are these rules so hard that you can't follow them?


1/23/2006 10:08 am

Thank the Lord I live in HICKVILLE---lol

NickRules999 40M
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1/23/2006 3:44 pm

I'm not sure I'll ever go to New York in my lifetime. Though, I would like to visit at least once.

Come into my realm! You aren't afraid...are you?

womanoirish 55F

1/23/2006 8:43 pm

I've never been to NYC and now I'm not so sure I want to! Although, we have the same tourist problem in San Francisco...idiots who do not know how to walk down a sidewalk.

elysianpleasure 48M

1/23/2006 10:19 pm

LMAO... as a born bread (but now transplanted NYer) I truly appreciate this!!! God I miss NYC everyday.

header1979 38M
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1/24/2006 7:03 am

LMAO!! Hey MissAnn, this same blog could have been written about Washington, DC, that is another city that is filled with tourists.

In Washington, DC, the tourists have a habit of walking about ten abreast and six deep on the sidewalks. It is a solid wall of people coming at you and you have no were to go.

Tourists get to the bottom of an escalator and just stop while they try to figure out which way to go. They are totally clueless that people behind them can get killed in a pile up at the bottom of an escalator.

Tourists travel in packs. A group of ten or twelve will try to force their way onto a packed subway car at rush hour. And during tourist season, the tourists get on the subway cars at the mall and take up all the seats before the train gets to the business district so that people that have been working all day have to stand.

But we couldn't live without tourists. And it is interesting meeting people from all parts of the country and around the world. If only some of them would just give a thought to what they are doing, it would be helpful.

MissAnnThrope 57F
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1/25/2006 12:25 am

HotandBothered, even in the northeast, hick towns have their drawbacks, especially in autumn, when the leaves are changing. Then they stand in the middle of highways like I-95 with their cameras.

Sassy, I know. Nothing says I won't notice you slipping me ruphies in the bar like a tourist with a map in the middle of an intersection. Then when they wake up with their wallets gone, no one in the big, bad city can be trusted.

Nick, just if you hit the tourist spots, don't act like a tourist! There is NOTHING worth going to Times Square for anymore. Let's face it, all the stores and restaurants there are all in the malls and along the highways. There are much better tourist attractions, like the Seaport, the Empire State Building, water taxis, the main waiting room in Grand Central which is surreal at rush hour and makes you feel like you're about to be in that scene in "The Fisher King", etc. But Times Square... Nothing you haven't seen before.

woman, It's one area of the city I'm complaining about and it isn't even because on NYE, the cops with assault weapons outside the bar where we all hang out refused to let me have an assault weapon when I hear Regis Philbin on the loudspeaker down the street. The rest of Manhattan isn't nearly that bad. Well, Canal Street, where everyone is buying knock off Chanel purses can get crowded. But they're not nearly as annoying as in Times Square.

elysian, if it wasn't for the fact I have to take the N, Q, R or W every week, I wouldn't even walk through there. But I HATE that tunnel from Port Authority to the 6th and 7th Ave lines. It makes me feel like I'm walking three times as far to get to the trains. And wow, you really transplanted yourself!

header, yep. They travel in large packs in NYC too. And it's impossible to get around them on the sidewalk. I'm 4'11". My friends who are taller are always slowing down so I can catch up, as my legs are so much shorter. So if I'm complaining about not being able to walk at a normal speed, it's bad. But you reminded me... I forgot to mention the fucktards who stop in the middle of the stairs on the way down to the subway. You have peope right behind you, such as myself, who are in danger of knocking you the rest of the way down the stairs. But the ones who stop dead at the bottom or top of escalators annoy me too.

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1/27/2006 2:22 am

I think I'd like the chaos of NYC.

I prefer the Westcoast so I would never LIVE in NY, but I'd visit.

MissAnnThorpe could direct me to the best industrial/goth club they have. Goth chicks abound...


"My every move is a calculated step, to bring me closer to embrace an early death." -Tupac Shakur

MissAnnThrope 57F
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1/27/2006 12:46 pm

LoveSpell, I would have to kill someone. Seriously. Are there no noise control laws there?

Division, there are still goth clubs in NYC? Where?

JustSayHi2006 57F

1/31/2006 12:20 pm

MissAnn, I know what you amazes me that most people seem to forget they're in public and no matter where they are they act like they're in their own living rooms and like no one else is around. The concept of public and private behavior seems to have vanished altogether.

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