More Idiot Drivers  

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10/26/2005 3:21 pm

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More Idiot Drivers

hmmmm..... This is the third time I've tried to post this. Anyone see anything against the rules in here?

Today, a lens fell out of my prescription sunglasses. Not a problem, the place where I got them is in walking distance.

As they were my sunglasses, I waited until the sun was low enough to walk over. This put me square into rush hour.

Well, there's a large intersection I have to cross to get there. Not a problem. To cross the street there as a pedestrian, you have to press the crossing button to get the signal. All four directions have a red light when the walk signal is up.

So, I get to the corner, press the button and wait. I finally get the walk signal. Well, I get across the street and I noticed something odd. As soon as I was to the other side, idiot drivers started honking at the light, for it to hurry up and change.

WTF? The crossing signal takes into account that there's an elementary school down the block and children take a bit longer to cross the street. So do people with disabilities and the elderly. Not to mention, the streets there are wide. So, it stays red for drivers for a bit longer.

Well, I thought that was an isolated incident with a single idiot. I go inside, get my glasses fixed and head back home. With a stop at the corner store.

I hit the crossing signal again. I wait for the light and cross. While I'm crossing this time, some idiot woman in a minivan starts honking the horn. I'm in the middle of the intersection and on the other side of the intersection. If she had run the light and made her left turn, she would have hit me. But she wasn't even looking. She was just looking at the red light. Not at the fact the walk signal was flashing. Which is right below the light she was looking at.

In NJ, pedestrians are supposed to have the right of way in the crosswalk. Well, you couldn't tell that around here. They try to make illegal rights on red, even though there are signs saying, "No Turn On Red" at this intersection. It is 24/7. Not when children are present. But all the time.

Well, after the corner store, I had to cross the street again. This time, no one honked the horn. But I did get someone scream out his window at me that I was holding up traffic.

I guess I just have to get a car and start driving when I'm not going more than three blocks. That way, none of these people will be inconvenienced. I can add to pollution, not get any exercise and be just like them. Get me a big SUV or minivan with right wing bumper stickers, so I can be just like them. I'll also forget I was ever taught manners.

On second thought, I'd rather not. Then I'd be one of them.

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