Merry Fitzmas!  

MissAnnThrope 57F
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10/28/2005 10:30 am

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Merry Fitzmas!

Not as merry as I had hoped, as Rove remains under investigation, but not indicted. But Lewis "Scooter" Libby, Cheney's Chief of Staff has been indicted:

One count of obstruction of justice.

Two counts of making false statements.

Two counts of perjury in the CIA leak probe.

He lied to FBI agents on Oct 14, Nov 26, 2003.
Committed perjury on March 5 and 24, 2004.
Engaged in obstruction of justice by impeding investigation.

So much for this administration bringing integrity back to government.

For those not following the story, this is after a two year investigation by a Federal Grand Jury, to try to get to the bottom of who leaked the name of covert operative Valerie Plame to the press, in a time of war.

Now, investigations will continue into the roles Rove and Cheney played. In other words, they're not out of the woods yet. I would love to see charges brought against Bob Novak. He's the reporter who made sure everyone learned her name.

Now, for those of you who say, leaking a name is nothing, especially if the agent isn't in the field, think about it. How many people can you name that work for the CIA? Think about it. You can name who runs the place, but that's about it. Can you even name a secretary that works there? Probably not.

About the only names that you will find are those high enough up that they don't drive themselves to work. So to say that outing Valerie Plame is nothing because she wasn't out in the field is stupid. The fact she had been in the field and has been outed could put her her in danger.

I'm not talking out of my ass here. In the 70s, former CIA agent Phillip Agee wrote a book that named names. As a result, Richard Welch, who had been installed as CIA bureau chief in Greece, was murdered in the doorway of his house in Athens on Dec. 23, 1975 by a group called, "17th of November." Had his cover not been blown, there is every reason to believe he would have lived a long life. But he was outed and a radical terrorist organization got hold of the information.

Thanks to him, there is the Intelligence Identities Protection Act, which imposes strict penalties on the outing of agents. In other words kids, just because she wasn't in the field at the time of her outing, it doesn't mean it wasn't a crime. She can never go out in the field again.

This is an act that Bush Sr. pushed to have passed while he was Vice President. He had formally been head of the CIA. Bush Sr. said the book ruined U.S. clandestine operations in foreign countries. Barbara Bush had nothing nice to say about Phillip Agee in her memoirs and he sued and had a line removed where she personally blamed him for Welch's death. At the 50th anniversary party for the CIA, Bush Sr. brought up Agee's book and called him, "a traitor to our country." Too bad Bush Jr. doesn't seem to take outing an agent as seriously as his father did. Perhaps daddy should have had him work summers at the CIA when he was in charge.

So, the investigation continues to try to find out who outed her. I'm not hopeful anyone will be brought to justice. Remember Iran-Contra? Two days before Casper Weinberger was to go to trial, Bush Sr. pardoned him and he was never tried. I fully expect this to happen for Libby and anyone else who might be indicted when the investigation finally ends.

lifeisablast333 55M

10/29/2005 3:14 pm

do we expect more from these guys, I do not trust the government to patch the pot holes in the road in front of my home, so for me to trust them with the important stuff, is just freaky.

warmandsexy52 65M
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10/30/2005 5:30 am

I'm saddened, sickened but totally unsurprised.

rm_saintlianna 46F
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10/30/2005 9:41 am

That is a shame. The womans life, education, years of dedication and work all down the drain and no one will be punished for it probally. This government truly makes me sick, I wish her all the best.

MissAnnThrope 57F
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11/2/2005 12:02 pm

lifeisablast, this administration seems to be taking tips from smalltown politics. Some of the most corrupt who have no accountablity at all are from small town government. It bothers me when a leader of a secular government gets it in his head that he's doing God's work. And that is what this president thinks. It scares me.

warmandsexy, I was surprised that no indictments were handed down for Rove. Then again, I'm sure they feel they can get Libby to rat the way John Dean did. Did you hear that Fitzgerald wants Cheney to testify at the trial?

Lianna, Exactly! It costs so much to train an operative. Years of training and taxpayer dollars to train someone appropriate. Not everyone who applies or goes through training is fit for field work. She was considered one of the best covert operatives the CIA had and now, she can never have more than a desk job with them.

MissAnnThrope 57F
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11/3/2005 12:15 am

silhouette, LMAO! Hey, that was one of Dubya's talking points. I want to know how he managed to say it with a straight face.

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