I Got Dressed Up For This?  

MissAnnThrope 57F
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3/2/2006 10:18 pm

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I Got Dressed Up For This?

Yes, it's time for another bad date story. Damned if I remember his handle. I don't even know if he's on the site. It goes back to right before I changed handles, so this is about four and a half or five years ago.

This was before my set of brass balls had fully grown. There was this guy who kept coming into the now defunct East Coast chat room. He wouldn't leave me alone. He wouldn't take no for an answer. He was sure I was the "princess" he was looking for. I kept telling him, I know I'm not your type. He kept telling me I was wrong.

OK, so to try to dissuade him from this notion, I allowed him to call me. It didn't work. He decided he was in love with my voice. I was in Hell. There was only one thing left to do to convince him that I wasn't his type... Meet him.

"Fine. OK. I'll go out with you, but you will see I'm right."
"No, you're wrong. You're going to see that you are the princess I'm looking for."
"Fine, when and where?"

So, we make plans to meet at a rather nice restaurant in Morristown, as at the time, I was still in Hunterdon County and this guy lived in Paterson, so it was like a halfway point. I get dressed up, as this is a nice place. I get there...

He gets there, he tells me we're not staying here. We're going to go eat somewhere else. Do I want to follow him or ride in his car? Yeah, I'm that stupid. I follow him in my car. Where do we end up? Friendly's!

Yes, I'm all dressed up for Friendly's. Friendly's...

Now, in the parking lot when we get to Friendly's I get my first good look at this guy. He told me he was 5'8". I was in 2.5 inch heels. He was an inch taller than I in my heels and I'm 4'11". Then I noticed the mullet. And gold chains. Yes, I am out with a guido.

I'm ready to get out of this right then and there. Mind you, at the time, I was still a vegetarian. Granted, I was an ova-lacto vegetarian, but we're talking about Friendly's, for fuck's sake. He might as well have taken me to McDonald's and I'm sure if there had been one down the street from the original restaurant, he would have.

We get inside and sit down. After a quick glace at the menu, I see about all they have that I can eat are a grilled cheese and fries. Unless I want to skip right to the Jim Dandy. But I was too afraid that based on the name of that, he would have gotten ideas.

We order and then start chatting. He's actually annoyed I'm having food. He hadn't planned on buying me dinner, he thought we were just having coffee. Yeah babydoll, I thought we were headed to that other restaurant, too. Should have made it clearer that you just wanted to hit Dunkin Donuts and try to get laid for the price of a donut and a small coffee. Next, he asks me how long it took me to get to Morristown, as I was there before me and he called before he left. I said around 35 minutes, as traffic was light. He gets annoyed with me, because he decides I was closer to Morristown than he was and we should have tried for something that was more in the middle, instead of making him travel. Um, this is a guy looking for a princess? What, he wants to fight her for mirror room?

I'm wishing that I had just ordered coffee instead of food. At this point, I'm praying my food will arrive, so I can scarf it down and get the fuck out of there! I'm also glad that this Friendly's still has a smoking section, because if I hadn't been allowed to smoke, by this time I would have murdered him with a ketchup bottle. Or something. Murdering him wasn't the ONLY way I envisioned hurting him with the ketchup bottle.

"There is only one thing left to do to get out of this," I think. "Bore him to death."

Sadly, he's still talking about himself and his massage therapy business. I'm talking about how skanky Paterson is, why doesn't he live in a nice neighborhood? Is he that poor? Yes, the bitch was starting to come out. I know fully well there are middle class areas of Paterson.

I decide to pull out the big guns and talk about cults and how dangerous they are. I was just coming off spending a lot of time being critical of $cientology and their criminal tactics and had achieved a ranking of SP3 at the time from the A.R.S.C.C., which of course, doesn't exist. I start to see his shallow, vacuous eyes glaze over as I start to talk about something I'm passionate about. Good.

Yes, I as trying to see if this guy could talk about anything other than style and fashion. To see if he was interested in anything other than himself and had any sort of social conscience. He didn't. However, he's decided he likes the sound of my voice or something by this time and the staff at Friendly's is trying to close, as they close at 10 and we didn't even meet at the other restaurant until around 8:30 and he was late. He decides Friendly's should stay open, as he feels like sitting there. Tough shit, honey. I'm seeing my chance for escape.

I convince this guy we should leave, as they want to close, they have to deal with lots of children and stuff like that and they've been there much longer than we have and working on their feet and they must be tired and want to go home. Well, he settles the bill and isn't going to leave a tip. I left the tip. How many strikes against this guy so far?

He decides we should hang out in the parking lot and talk. Like fucking hell! It's cold out! So, I tell him I'm tired and I should go home. He gives me a hug and tells me he'll IM me when I get home. "Yeah, right," I think to myself.

I get home and sign on. Of course, this guy who bitched about distance is home before I am. Heh. He IMs me right away and tells me how rude it was of me to insist we leave Friendly's just because it was past closing time. That they work in the service industry, which means the customer is always right. After he rips me a new one for having manners, he asks the question that floors me. "Can you put in a good word for me with the other women in the room?"

I told him I would think about it. But that the other women in the room aren't in NJ and the ones who are have the same social conscience I do. I block him on IM, never to return to the visible list. I go into the room to tell the late night crowd, (who had been making fun of the situation of this guy chasing me,) how badly it went. He's in there. As soon as I say hello to him, he leaves. As a matter of fact, every time he comes in the room and I'm there, or I go in and he's there, he leaves. So much for putting in a good word for him.

But I was relieved I didn't have to deal with him anymore. I have no idea if he's still on this site. I would think by now, he's found the perfect guidette princess of his dreams and is knocking her up with idiot children. Or, if humanity is lucky, he's still not married and still imagines himself a man about town and he hasn't spread his seed to any hapless women.

Yes, I am leading up to something eventually with these posts. But I'm not ready to post that yet.

rm_bucfannn 62M/61F
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3/2/2006 10:56 pm

LOL... cripes almighty. I had a "date" like that once. This was the one and only time I used the "I have to use the restroom" line, and I booked. Never looked back. For all I know, the schmuck is still sitting there and waiting...

nightstalker172 38M
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3/2/2006 11:52 pm

I think you should of done humanity a service and acted on the impulses you had with the ketchup bottle. I know I would sleep better at night know there is one less idiot in the world.

DATING8778 73M
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3/3/2006 11:38 am

I hope you don't have a bad taste for the rest of us gentlemen in the state. Have a great day John

WoodyDiaryKepis 63M
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3/3/2006 1:37 pm

Sorry for your bad experience, missA.... on behalf of the men on this site, someday I'll try to make to make it up to you.

"Nature always favors the hidden fault. "- (Murphy's Third Law)

NickRules999 40M
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3/3/2006 2:47 pm

That reads like a cheat sheet for things guys should not do on a date.

Come into my realm! You aren't afraid...are you?

SubmissiveFemNJ 58F
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3/3/2006 3:56 pm

That's scary... I had a date almost like that about 5 years ago.... at the SAME Friendly's......

Your date, however, went a little better than mine.....LOL

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3/4/2006 1:27 am

^That was entertainment, Ann.

Depraved and very raw, real. From a woman's perspective. Pessimistic, but I suppose one person's pessimism is another's realism.

You should have probably called it off as soon as you saw that he lied abot his height, appearance etc. Switching to the other restaurant was a sure sign of things to come. I'm not familiar with the restaurants in Jerz, but anyplace named "Friendly's" doesn't sound all that intimate or appropriate.

Guido? You don't like Italians I take it?

I like the way you tell your stories.

More please.

The one thought that reverberates in my mind after reading that is, how many of these type of guys are out there ruining it for the rest of us? I'm not saying I'm a "niceguy", but I'm real and considerate to someone I've just met. Guys like this taint women's opinions of men in general.


"My every move is a calculated step, to bring me closer to embrace an early death." -Tupac Shakur

MissAnnThrope 57F
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3/4/2006 3:35 am

bucfannn, if only I could have. But have you ever been in a Friendly's? The bathrooms are in the back, nowhere near the door. Come to think of it, that's how all chain places are. Bastards.

mzhuny, I do give lessons. Finding balance is the key.

nightstalker, LMAO! OMG, I wish this wasn't a death penalty state. Then again, had there been enough women on the jury, I never would have been convicted.

Dating, no, it didn't. Trust me, there are more stories to come. It's just, the really good ones, well, they're too personal to share. The mediocre ones are too boring to share. But the tremendously bad ones, they're hysterical after the fact.

Dysgyzed, I think the Troll King, well, I'm not saying anything. Just, I recognised him and never dated him. But yes, my brass balls are self shining too! But queen? You flatter me. Unless I skipped right over being a princess. But I never had proper princess training growing up. I was taught common sense and courtesy. And thanks, I love my profile too. But I really do have to update it. Some things have changed, including my dress size.

Thanks nessus. But trust me when I say, after another amusing anecdote or so, the worst is yet to come.

Nick, it really is. But I knew in advance that it was just to satisfy his curiosity and it wasn't going to go anywhere. I just didn't realize how bad it would be.

Submissive, was he a massage therapist from Paterson, who was upset you didn't want to get naked and greasy for him, before even meeting him? I wonder if I still have his card. Yes, he gave me a card and told me I could have a discounted rate if I needed a massage. I had almost forgotten that.

Division, trust me. If you had had a date like this, you'd have started reciting poetry about death to her. Just to scare her into cutting the date short. And as someone who had a Venetian great-grandfather who was denied his title by his family for marrying a Sicilian, it isn't I don't like Italians. There is a difference between an Italian and a Guido. Just as there's a difference between an Italian and a goombah. Guidos and goombahs? Let me tell you, "The Sopranos" is not a stereotype. I thought it was, until I moved to this neck of the woods, which is also the neighborhood where the show is supposed to take place. But that is how they act. In the middle of the supermarket. In the middle of the street. Driving. In the mall. In the post office. Dear God, if you encountered these people in the post office... I can't even watch that show anymore. It hits too close to home.

CantonOhCouple 61M/61F
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3/4/2006 6:34 am

Miss Ann,

We can't wait to read the next post in this series.

Loved it.

8337 posts
3/4/2006 10:09 pm


If I had a date like that I would have ended it directly without the gimmicks and bullshit. I'm pretty blatant, and if I know it's not going to work out, I'll end the date tactfully.

Why waste both of our time?


"My every move is a calculated step, to bring me closer to embrace an early death." -Tupac Shakur

elysianpleasure 49M

3/5/2006 9:47 pm

The only thing that scares me... is that you showed up for the date in the first place and lasted as long as you did. In the reverse situation... it would have been over before it started.

womanoirish 55F

3/5/2006 10:46 pm

MissAnn, my sympathies! I've had a similar experience, only the guy was a bit more clever about hiding his dysfunction. Still didn't make the date turn out any better.

MissAnnThrope 57F
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3/5/2006 11:37 pm

Canton, I'm trying to decide on the next in the series.

Division, as I said... I hadn't grown brass balls yet and I was proving a point to him.

Dysgyzed, you're scaring me. You're starting to sound like my mother. And thank you.

elysian, I don't know how I lasted that long. Then again, I can be incredibly patient with idiots at times.

woman, now I'm dying to hear the story!

rm_autumngirl61 56F
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3/6/2006 12:05 am

Oh, honey...I feel you!! He's idiot!!

rm_NappingWench 42F
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3/6/2006 9:04 pm

I love how he agrees to meet you at a nice restaurant for what one would assume would be dinner - and then makes you go to Friendly's because he only wants coffee...what a moron !!!

If he only wanted coffee - then he should have stated as such !!!!

Geesh - what an idiot !

MissAnnThrope 57F
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3/7/2006 1:12 pm

autumn, he really was. I took a look for him, based on the zip code search and he does seem to be gone from the site. Unless he moved.

wench, he wasn't too bright in general. But it was the IM after that really pissed me off.

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6/12/2006 3:12 am

bad dates all over

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