Happy Solstice  

MissAnnThrope 57F
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6/21/2006 5:16 pm

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6/27/2006 12:47 pm

Happy Solstice

Happy Solstice everyone! And to all you in the southern hemisphere, Happy Yule!

RevJoseyWales 70M/67F
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6/21/2006 5:33 pm

And a joyous solstice to you Ann. Joe & Carol

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crazygurl2xx 58F

6/21/2006 6:00 pm


caressmewell 55F

6/21/2006 6:51 pm

You too Ann.

cuteNEway 42F

6/21/2006 7:32 pm


tee hee

lifeisablast333 55M

6/21/2006 10:23 pm

Cool, One of my favorite days.....the Sex Goddess and I chose it to wed 2 years ago.........but we did live in sin for a while first....and that was also fun......LOl....the Redneck

OboesHonedIambs 63F

6/21/2006 11:07 pm

Blessed Solstice to you -- just got home from celebrating the Solstice with friends!

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real36CgirlPA 39F

6/22/2006 7:00 pm

Thanks. You too.

(What the fuck is this shit..?? *rolls eyes*)

6/22/2006 8:32 pm

Thanks and right back at you...Ready


rm_1hotwahine 64F
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6/23/2006 9:11 am

Shit. I totally missed it. Somehow Happy Belated Solstice just doesn't have the same ring to it...

Yeah, I'm still [blog 1hotwahine]

rm_jd29992z 55M
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6/23/2006 6:55 pm

Have a dance under the stars later JD

marywannado 44F

6/23/2006 8:00 pm

And the same back at ya...

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