Do People Think About Their Handles?  

MissAnnThrope 57F
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10/26/2005 10:52 pm

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1/4/2007 3:43 am

Do People Think About Their Handles?

I swear to you, if people thought about the handles they chose in advance, a good number of the would never see the light of day.

Tonight, I'm in chat. So far, I've seen two very odd ones. The first was vulvaboy. Now, I don't know about this guy, but aren't boys supposed to have penises and not vulvas?

The next was juicyassdiane. OK, I know it's just me, but if a person's ass is juicing, isn't that supposed to be a bad thing? There was just something about this handle that made me feel queasy.

Now, I have met people who have changed their handles after their first meet and greet. They just felt odd introducing themselves with handles like BigDick4U or HotSnatch. These are examples, I have no idea if these two handles are in use.

So dear readers, I ask you. Did you put thought into your handle, or did you just pick anything?

nightstalker172 38M
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10/27/2005 4:27 am

I did...The last thing I wanted was a sexaul handle....there's way too many of those as it is...I actually had a couple others in mind {TheBeast} or my favorite {Kain} but I use Kain too much I have to admit though My current handle Nightstalker Came to me kind of weirdly...I thought well Im a night person so Night-something hmm....I like cats what do they do...they hunt alot or they Stalk their prey....hmmm I thought yes Im a night person hunting for something was born....kinda weird thought process ....but I also wanted a name that would intimidate...that way the people who simply judge at first glance wouldnt be wasteing my time because I dont like people like that....and you would be surprised how much bad feedback I got about it the first couple weeks I was here ...One girl thought I was a crazy serial killer sigh.....good times good times...

but honestly I think that if you meet someone you should tell them your first name like on the phone or in chat...I think that helps get rid of the akwardness least thats what I would do

digdug41 50M

10/27/2005 6:10 am

I went for a video game name with the sexual connotation and the system added the 41

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redmustang91 58M  
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10/27/2005 8:58 am

I thought the wild and free sound of a Mustang was a nice image, and a favorite color is red; then I added the number 91 for my postal zipcode first two digits. Plus I own a red 2003 Mustang Cobra so it made sense to me.

JustSayHi2006 57F

10/27/2005 5:45 pm

I followed the link to A ff from another site, maybe Friendfinder, (I had an ad there prior to this) and in order to look around the site you had to create a profile. So I thought oh geez, now what...just, just, just say hi! The original was justsayhi2003, I joined November 1st 2003. In chat it was shortened to "Justy" by CB in the NY area room which preceded the Philly/TriState area room. I became JustSayHi2006 about a month ago when my 2005 version was deleted.
I thought of changing it altogether but I kinda like it and couldn't think of anything more original.

goddessofbitches 42M/34F

10/27/2005 5:58 pm

It was a spur of the moment


Always The Bitch

MissAnnThrope 57F
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10/27/2005 9:31 pm

nightstalker, I'm not surprised that people would think you're dangerous, based on the handle. Most people will think Richard Rameriz, the Night Stalker, who terrorized Southern California, and murdering women. He claimed to be killing for Satan. I however, think of the 70s TV series, "Kolchak: The Night Stalker." I hear they're reviving it, but I haven't seen the new series.

digdug, I remember the computer game. So I didn't even think of any sexual connotation to your name. It just reminded me of slow days in an office, playing DigDug on a Dos system.

redmustang, I already guessed you owned a red Mustang. Lucky guess, eh?

XIITheHangedMan 64M

10/28/2005 2:28 am

It just kept dropping out of my pack of tarot cards.


nietchze 44M

10/28/2005 2:49 am

some of my personal favotites over the years...
asssofat (F) fat that what? Are you TRYING to scare guys away?
AzzslappinBoy (M) ... funnt thing, despite what his name would imply he wasn't gay.
greeseball (M) umm yea...good way to describe yourself dude
tonsofcum (M) cause ya know....women just LOOOVE a guy that shoots buckets of goo everywhere. I have never once heard a girl complain about the lack of sperm her man produces upon ejaculation, much less say that she wants a man who can fill up a 2 liter.

there's lots more...but i can't remember em all lol...good post thread though lol.

rm_CauseISaidSo 49F
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10/28/2005 9:19 am

I can't tell you how tired, SO tired, SO FAST, I got of all the lame, same jokes made at my old screenname, I_might..I should have known, but didn't. Looks like I picked another winner, since half the male AdultFriendFinder'ers seem to think it reads Casual and not Cause..**groan**

rm_CauseISaidSo 49F
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10/28/2005 9:23 am

oh yeah, must tell you, the absolute worst name I saw here included tedbundy in it..yeah.."Hey, genius, if you are indeed looking for women, why don't you pick a name that does NOT invoke a serial murderer of women?!" Maybe I should change MY name to JohnWayneGacy?

janmecir 54M
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10/28/2005 11:24 am handle....Janmecir is the name i would have had if the Polish half of my family had had their it's a kind of alter-ego, a's not especially memorable because not especially sayable!!....the 'mecir' sounds nothing like what you're now reading on the's got a lot of 'sssh' in a way i'm glad i didn't go for anything blatantly sexual....because sexual crudity is just not me.....

AtomicArtist0 46M
6015 posts
10/28/2005 8:04 pm

I thought long and hard about my handle and don't regret it one bit. My art has a 50's retro atomic age feel...lots of tikis, hot rods, hula girls and exotic places. The handle is descriptive of who I am and would even roll off the tongue nicely if I were to ever attend a meet and greet. Haveing been in a chatroom or two on other websites, sometimes choosing an overly rediculous name (no matter how hilarious at the time)locks you into one personality. I've tried being all sensitive and serious with a name like FatItchyNuts and I've tried to convince folks I was smart with the uncanny name of CaughtinZipper. Either way, it didn't work. Occasionally, I have stolen the identity of Triumph the Insult Comic Dog...and, well...try steering the conversation away from humping legs with a name like that. AtomicArtist offers me to be who I really am...sometimes funny, sometimes soulful, sometimes artsy, sometimes poetic, and (almost always) smart. I'm quite proud of the name.

header1979 38M
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10/28/2005 9:24 pm

I think I might have chosen different handle. I only came across the website by accident and thought, what the hell might as weel register and see what it is all about. I neverthought I would stay on the website very long, let alone obver a year or be successful in hooking up. I was sucessful in hooking up twice and now just enjoy the Advice Line, articles and blogs. I learn so much from the people on the website and enjoy myself. But now, I wish that I had used a more neutral handle since I am no longer looking to give or get some head from the website. But I can live with it.

lifeisablast333 55M

10/29/2005 8:07 pm

our handle means something to us, and we thought that it would not offend anyone.

bardicman 51M

10/30/2005 4:16 pm

I have been into music since I started taking guitar lessons at age 5. I have been into "Dungeons and Dragons" since around age 12. I fancy myself quite the bard. Alas Bardman is always taken so I added the ic to bard to make bardic, a word that should mean bardly Alas here everyone wants to make it like Bar Dick Man like I hang out in bars and try to get laid. sigh.
I should have went with LittleDrippyWeeWee.

I am not dead yet

rm_PastingAway 56M

10/31/2005 12:37 am

it took me months of intense thought, market research, opinion polls and a mass e-mail campaign to get my screen name.

I've got a few names here ... one was inspired by a chat in the room one day between I_might and funnicouple ... one is a holiday name ... i'm proud of the holiday one, it's the best one I have come up with. None of them took more than a minute of thought to create. Depth of thought, on THIS rat trap of a site, is difficult to come by as it goes against the very nature of the site.

I have seen some funny ones, and some brilliant ones too.

I remember a bot named "RoastBeefCurtains" ...

MissAnnThrope 57F
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11/3/2005 1:14 am

JustSayHi, CB has a habit of giving people names. But I really don't want to know what name he's given me. I like your name. But how many emails do you get that say nothing other than "Hi!"?

Mandy, it works. BTW, since I'm a bitch and you're the Goddess, I built an altar to you. Don't worry. It's tasteful. Well, mostly tasteful.

HangedMan, did you bother to heed it when it did start dropping out? When a card drops out while shuffling, or the same card keeps dropping out for no reason, it is a message.

Son, do you remember that guy from the old East Coast room? MasterBates? That was always one of my favorite tasteless names on here. A few months ago, I got an email from someone with the handle, LyingScumBag. Who wanted to know why I wasn't interested. The handle was a major factor in wanting nothing to do with him.

Cause, yeah, I just don't get how they get Casual out of your name. Can't they read? Or is it the fact none of them are using serif fonts, so they can't tell the difference between an I and an l? Now, I always liked I_Might. I might not, I might rip you to shreds, I might have a hit put on you, I might not castrate you. This time.

jan, I'm amazed the Polish side of the family didn't get their way. But I agree with you as far as the blatantly sexual names go.

Atomic, I can't believe they wouldn't take someone named CaughtInZipper seriously! What bastards. BTW, ever see the plush toy, Humphrey The Humping Dog?

header, you know, the sexual connotation of your name never even occurred to me. When I hear header, I think the header on a document first. D'oh!

lifeisablast, your name is cool. I can't see anyone being offended by it.

Bardic, people can read anything they want into names, I swear. Now, LittleDrippyWeeWee sounds like someone with the clap. How about MightyTwoInches?

Pasting, market research? I remember how this handle came about, young man. I think we all have holiday handles in that room. I can think of one who does a handle for every holiday. My favorite bot name was CamelToeTina. I had no idea what a camel toe was until she dragged her rusty transistors into chat.

silhouette> I use this name in other places on the web too. With the handle I use, I can get away with saying truly misanthropic things in forums without being flamed for it. It becomes expected, actually. But you need to move your pic to the second pic place, and let that shadow woman silhouette represent you! It so goes with the name!

rm_TallPAGuy73 44M

12/28/2005 10:06 am

I play various games online, and I use the handle Sholly73 on those sites, as Sholly was my nickname in high school, and it comes from my last name. However, when playing spades, I found that quite a few people mistook me for a woman (I guess seeing "holly" in the handle), so when I came here, I wanted to make my gender absolutely clear lol. I also wanted something descriptive but not boastful, which is how I got Tall (I'm 6'4") instead of ReallySmart. The 73 is my birth year, and I made it "TallPAGuy" this time because I used "TallGuy" years ago and deleted it, and couldn't get it back.

StifflersMother 80F

12/29/2005 1:45 pm

y'all had it easy.. i EARNED my name... still trying to average it back up!

johnnytechno 45M

1/10/2006 9:48 am

I just used my god given name! Johnny Techno lol.

But Hippe calls me GlitterBoi....maybe i should change it to that.


LustyTaurus 49M
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1/3/2007 7:53 pm


My handle seemed appropriate for me...a taurus of course and a lust for life, with a heavy sexual bend...

MissAnnThrope replies on 1/4/2007 3:43 am:
My handle reflects my personality too. I think 90% of the population are air thieves. But my all time favorite handle was the handle of a bot. CamelToeTina.

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