On the Subject of Oral Sex - Case Study #1  

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On the Subject of Oral Sex - Case Study #1

Oral sex performed on a woman may be administered in a number of ways depending upon the woman's preference, the man's capabilities and any enabling technology. The process of performing this may vary slightly; however, the results should be the same. Such performance is typically critiqued both during (non-preferred) and afterwards. The critique may come in various forms as well as delivery. The 21st century offers incredible opportunities to deliver this vital service. One such opportunity that I'd like to share is an example of how this may be done taking into account a woman's desires toward achieving her fantasies as well as experiencing the involuntary sensations that the human body accords using this particular on-line system.

Consider that you, a woman, have made some selection based upon what you have researched here and wish to contact either online through an Instant Messenger (IM) chat line, e-mail, to include a Blackberry or via digital telephony (I'll assume here that faxes are not a preferred delivery mechanism). After exchanging pictures, words and maybe even poetry (for those romantics) you agree to meet. You express this desire for an initial meeting with someone (man or woman) whom you have engaged. You'll schedule a lunch date, perhaps meet in a neutral location such as a favorite restaurant, the mall or maybe even the library (Note that these are "typical" locations and may not be completely exhaustive). Upon having this initial encounter you determine based upon first impressions as well as ongoing dialog/negotiations that further arrangements may be made. Limited personal information and phone numbers may be exchanged at this time. Also, your expectations may or may not be communicated at this time owing to the proximity of onlookers, appropriateness of the situation or out of decorum. Should agreement be reached, you may proceed to a second such encounter where the parties have agreed to further the relationship (Note that “Relationship” used here refers to the informal interaction between two consenting adults and does not constitute a binding/contractual commitment pursuant to the California Family Code. The author recommends consulting appropriate licensed legal counsel prior to making such commitments).

Now consider (please indulge me here) if you will that your second encounter has been arranged, say on a Friday afternoon between 1-3PM PDT. Note that this is purely a hypothetical situation and does not reflect actual persons or events. Based upon “informal understandings” attained at the initial meeting, you show at the parking lot of a local hotel where you, the woman, have called for your “contact”. The contact, via cellular device, directs you to room 308. Given that is on the 3rd floor in the rear of the hotel complex, you are relieved as this provides a modicum of discreetness. After all, you may be a married, attached or recently separated woman who desires discretion. You knock on the door of a room whose curtains and drawn and appears dark inside. A card key is slipped under the door and you are subsequently directed to use it to unlock the door from the outside and enter. You do so willingly but appear confused as to why the TV is off, the curtains are drawn and the lights are off. Upon entering, you are directed toward the bed, the door is closed behind you and you feel someone lurking behind you.

Before you can turn on the lights or turn around, you feel someone grab your left shoulder and slide your shoulder strap off of you. You think this is sort of creepy as your Eurocentric, Protestant (maybe Calvinist) belief system is unaccustomed to such fetish. You reluctantly agree to let your dress fall down to you ankles as he slips the right shoulder strap off. After-all, you think he’s somewhat cute and you are willing to go along thinking that everything is normal. Now being in your bra and panties isn’t all that bad, considering you wear the same or less when you go swimming or to the beach….

Still facing away from your contact, you feel the 3 hooks to your bra being released. Your uneasiness and discomfort, especially given your limited knowledge of him is quite disconcerting. However the speed and gracefulness of this release places you topless within a matter of seconds. You then feel his left hand hold your left hand. He gently pulls this hand back slightly, no more than a few inches, and suddenly you both feel and hear the sound of a pawl swinging with the ratchet engaging, click, click click, click, click…his left hand now sliding between the cuffs to control what he has now gained, you feel his right hand pulling yours back towards him. When your right hand is proximate to your fetter, you feel and hear the second pawl engaging the mechanism, click, click, click, click, click…enabling technology employed for the safety and benefit of the “Giver”….while the “Wearer” is now in safe keeping, having succumbed to his overpowering advances.

You are now shuffled toward the bed…your panties are now removed and you feel and blindfold going over your eyes and face. He begins kissing the nape of your neck, small of the back and the lips. No tongues are offered at this point. He wishes solely to manipulate sensitive areas with dry supple lips. You are powerless in this quest. He gently kisses and abrades every soft tissue area, exploiting to the greatest possible extent every erogenous area until any resistance is mute. His discoveries implement mere process toward the desired end state. You then feel and hear your ankles being subdued by cold steel, ratcheting each ankle to preclude any possible last resistance. With restraints fully and humanely applied, he bathes your body with his tongue, suckling each breast as if it were providing his only sustenance. As he lies on the end of the bed, resting his head off the end, he parts your legs and finding your labia, he works persistently and with passion to exploit the most sensitive area, no matter how small or precise he needs to be. You wish to guide him or assist with the pleasure, but your options are checked. His tongue works over the Mons Venus and back across the vulva and clit until he attains the desired moisture. His barometer is the sound of submissive moans and uneven gasps, ever so careful to be precise in his quest. In the frenzied state of his passion, moaning as he consumes his meal, leads to orgasm….alas though, he persists and won’t stop. As the cuffs gently, passively restrain, he persists toward more and more until the legs quiver and you shout out begging for cessation….He is now done, this passionate “Giver”. He turns you around to remove the blindfold and begins to deeply and warmly kiss you. He removes the restraints while kissing, leaving only the cold steel on you ankles should he need continue…After your foray, you agree that new and perhaps exciting encounters lie ahead. Alas you have to leave recognizing your obligations and appreciating the limited time you have to enjoy these pleasures……your time is short, your opportunities limited and adventures sweet…….MILFMAN

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3/29/2006 9:37 pm

Milfman it sounds alot like my fantansy....I really enjoyed reading it very much...thank you

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4/3/2006 12:49 am

Hmmm.. the play of two people .. the confinement and blindfolding... what more could someone ask for ?? Oral pleasure that reaches all the senses. I'm finding the vision of what you write is vivid enough to use as a beginning for some fun fantasies.. thanks for sharing the way you think!
The only thing that drives me crazy is the time constraint... one of the things I enjoy most about being single!! Nice job Milfman

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